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What does one see when they are visiting the heart and soul of Thailand??

Besides the obvious Thai Girl Shows or the less obvious Thai Boy Shows (which my bronzed friend attended… HAHAHAHA)

Why, the Ah Kua SHOW!!!

I <3 the lady boys!

Because my pictures will be better at potraying the night’s performance then any of my words… Enjoy!!

Isn’t she pretty?

Comic relief!

I thought that she was the pretties and sweetest one!

As you can see, they “kidnapped” an audience member and tied him up… molesting him all the way!

Need I say more? The look on his face when the blindfold was pulled off, was priceless!!

Their Pussycat Dolls performance!!

Indeed! Every single one of these performers are men… or trannies =)

At the end of the show, the performers all line the exit and start hollering at the audience, “COME, COME.. Take pictures with me! Come!!”

“You Like??!!”

It cost, if memory serves me… around 400baht to take a picture with each of them.. so don’t be caught in that trap!

The show costs 750 baht per person.. well worth the money due to the costume and set changes…

To attend, simply ask your tour guide or hotel operator discreetly, and everything will be arranged for you (including transportation to the area… far far away from the city!)… for a while there, I thought we were being kidnapped… but when we arrived, the place was bustling with tour buses…