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Maze opened a couple of weeks ago, the 29th of March to be exact, and as such it’s still relatively easy to make a booking as many are waiting for more reviews to show up before they try the offerings…

(Peephole to the lounge area, where you can sit and wait for your table)

I called to book on Sunday morning for the lunch session, and was pleasantly surprised at treatment and phone manner service… very good (first impressions have been made)

(The bar, where you can again sip and look sophisticated whilst they find your spot)

When we arrived (a tad early) we were greeted with smiles, and brought to our table by the usher and immediately greeted with bright smiles from our Maitre’ D…

(The bird cage like light shades)

He informed us apolgetically, that at this stage the gas supply in this side of the CBD area had ceased, and as such the delivery of the food to our table might be a delayed…

The bird motif’s on the wall

(A closer shot of the motif)

I was just trigger happy, as we were one of the first few diners seated, and I wasn’t the only one happily snapping away!

(The view from our table)

As usual, we were given time to peruse the menu and the wine list…

(I love LOVE love the open plan and ceiling/floor windows)

It was well spaced between tables and we didn’t have to nudge the next table as we did in Cutler and Co

The menu was a simple and AFFORDABLE (NOTE GORDON RAMSAY)… AFFORDABLE *ahem* spread with either a 3 course $38 or a 4 course $49.. that’s right, you read right…

We wanted to try their Chef’s menu (Degustation) which is available upon request, but decided that we would both do the 4 course meal (and then have 8 different dishes to sample, as oppose to the 7 in the Degustation)… clever huh?

I decided to go with 2 entrees, a main and a dessert.

The Boy went with 1 entree, 2 mains and a dessert.

I absolutely loved the cutlery stand/holder and wanted to sneak it into my bag.. too obvious? *sigh*

When we were served the bread, we were introduced to the Affagato butter.. and I thought I’d heard it wrong.. until I put a slice of buttered bread into my mouth…

I was in heaven!!!!! It was so smooth, with a hint of coffee and so delicious… first we tried it on it’s own.. and then we sprinkled the sea salt on it.. the taste explosion in my mouth was so great that we quickly devoured the 4 slices of bread…

And just when I was saddened that I had no more bread to go with the butter… they came with MORE!.. they refill the bread as you go! ABSOLUTE genius!

First up, I the Boy had the Jerusalem artichoke veloute, southern rock lobster and green beans ($18)

Whilst I had the Marinated pink fir potatoes, smoked eel, sour cream, blackened leeks and shaved foie gras ($14)

My seared yellow fin tuna, white radish, yuzu, enoki mushrooms, black garlic ($16)

The Boy’s pan roasted barramundi, butternut squash, compressed cucumber, and pumpkin seeds ($20)

The Boy’s Ox “tongue and cheek”, caper and raisin, carrots, horseradish pomme puree ($23), which he cheekily tried to point out how they got the cheek so tender.. (which was by slapping the cow until it’s tongue rolled out)… disgusting yes I know, but extremely hilarious when you’re trying to not giggle in a fine dining environment.. hee hee

My Lamb cannon and shoulder, califlower puree, anchovy and stinging nettles (Which I thought was spinach.. goes to show, how little I know) ($24)

(The Flash Natzi aka the Boy spend countless minutes photoshopping the above picture… and has hinted indirectly and directly – by way of putting it on my desktop, that it should be on this blog)

And then they cleared away our dishes, and dusted our table… I continued to munch my bread smothered with butter at this point.. and then the waittress took it away! *Sniff*

The Boy’s carrot cake with carrot puree (This is only on the lunch menu)

My Chocolate cremeaus and banana bread, salted macadamia nuts, and pearl barley ice-cream ($16)

To finish off, the Boy had English Breakfast tea (served hilariously in a Japanese-esque tea pot)

And I topped off the wonderful meal with a very strong caffe latte…

I’ve put in brackets the prices of each food item as listed on their ala’carte menu, but considering I only paid $115 for the entire meal… it was super CHEAP for a fine dining environment!

If you do go, I hope you enjoy the same wonderful experience as I did, I know I will be returning!

Overall Food Rating: 8.5/10
Restaurant ambiance: 9/10
Value for money: 9.5/10

Crown Metropol Hotel
8 Whiteman Street (Corner of Clarendon and Whiteman Streets)
Southbank 3006

Opening Hours: Daily noon-2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm

Tel:(03)9292 8300


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