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That’s where everyone apparently goes to when they visit Daylesford…

The Age Good Food Guide Review awarded it a whopping 2 chef’s hat… read the review here

So, as a dutiful foodie, I of course cannot pass up the opportunity to dine in this fine establishment…

Although I was tossing (the Boy and I) between Lake House and Sault, the latter which was featured in the Melbourne Entertainment Book, which would have meant a discount…

We thought we’d try our luck first with Lakehouse and if they turned us away, we’d go to Sault…

Because we were so full from Scones and Chowder, we had to take an hour’s break walking around the town of Daylesford and visiting their Sunday market…

According to the Good Food Guide, Lake House closes at 3pm and Sault at 4pm, hence why we went to Lake House first…This was at 2pm, mind you.

Not only we were greeted cordially at the doorstep, we were invited to wait in their lounge area, whilst they cleared a table for us! Talk about service…

As we were seated at our table, I promptly took in the surroundings and happily snapped all angles… AND… *JENG* *JENG* *JENG*

Unbeknownst to me at that time, I took a Papparazzi shot.. of Hamish Blake… of the popular duo, Hamish and Andy on a date!!!

Anyway, coming back to food…

We were given ample time to look through the menu…

The good thing about visiting a place like Lakehouse in a group of 4, is that we can try most of everything on offer.. which is what we did… except for the Veal (since none of us, but the Boy ate beef)

Pink sea salt!

Each of us were provided with a different plate (can be bought for $65)

The paintings on the plate are done by the Executive Chef and Managing Director, Alla Wolf Tasker herself.

How talented is she??

One more to go…

All 4 of us decided to forego the entree option and take on a main meal and a dessert instead…

I had the lamb… delicious!! Everything a lamb should wish to be upon sacrifice! It came with a rolled up crispy layer of lamb crackling and fat that literally melted in the mouth…!

Big Sis had the duck and that was very nice as well…

The Boy had Pan Seared Snapper…with scampi’s and vegetables

Look, Ma! Foam!!!

Big Bro had the most exciting dish… unfortunately, the Boy had hold of the camera at that time and didn’t understand my nudges under the table to catch the effect…

(This was the apple sauce that came with Big Bro’s pork dish)

Big Bro had the pork with cranberries(which came shrouded in smoke in a glass casing).. and the Boy failed to capture that moment.. *sigh*

On to the desserts…. Big Bro and Big Sis decided to have the tasting platter for 2, which consisted of (my memory shall serve me here…), Marzipan, Pavlova, Chocolate Souffle, Coconut Sorbet, A vanilla panna cota, and a Grand Marnier Grape sorbet…

The Boy had the peanut butter dessert, chocolate cigar and a shot of dark chocolate and Amaretto (Which I had)

My own dessert, when it arrived was so pretty, I didn’t want to eat it.. but the sight of my Rose’ sorbet melting away convinced me to hurrily scoop the contents in my mouth…

Raspberries, a nectarine … and I can’t remember what the other one was.. but it was just so pretty!!!

I didn’t want it to end!

I know many have said that the Lake House is pricey and over rated.. but I beg to differ.. the quality of the food (fresh) and the service that came along with it, was well worth it.. many other establishments (especially those around the CBD area) would do well to learn from this place… after all, it has been around for 30 years.. and you don’t last that long in this industry if you weren’t very good…!

Overall Food Rating: 9/10
Restaurant ambiance: 9/10 (Service was exceptional)
Value for money: 8/10 (They only had one choice for lunch on Sunday’s… $65 for a 2 course meal, they also had an option for 3 courses but I apologies, I can’t remember the price for it.. I think it was $85)

4 King Street
VIC 3460

Tel: 03 5348 3329
Fax: 03 5348 3995

E-mail: [email protected]


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