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The reason for the lack of posts can be explained now.. Big Sis and Big Bro are down from Sydney and visiting and having a foodie trip, which I of course planned =)

One Sunday morning, after driving for 2.5 hours from Carnegie (South-East) to Daylesford, we decided to make out first stop and visit Lavendula Swiss Italian Farm

We were surprised at how “unassuming” the entrace/driveway into the farm area was… but once we had driven through, parked and payed our dues ($3.50 for Adults), we were greeted by Flora!

Flora the farm dog… the cutest and most adorable little doggy, whose sole purpose and job is to greet visitors and roll over for a tummy rub… she also does tours…!!!

We were told that the restaurant only opens at 10.30am (and they were still cleaning up from the night before… looked like a wedding!)… so we were asked to call Flora and get her to take us on a tour… which she did!!!

Flora took us to visit the Lavender hedges and the area where the wedding was carried out, all the time running around our legs and barking at the bees to protect us! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!

After such a long journey, we decided to pit stop at the ladies and gents and Big Sis was tickled by the cartoon on the signage!

Naughty but cute =)

Making our way to the little cottage like restaurant…

The seats were actual church pews (which comes in handy for any Wedding Reception they throw)

Tables and benches amongst the trees outside of the restaurant..

The inside of the Restaurant…

Big Sis trying to place our orders…

The outdoor furnace… for fresh pizza?

We chose table number 26… for no other reason, then the view was fantastic from there ^_^

Big Sis and I

The main reason of our visit… the hot and fluffy Lavender Scones.. with fresh strawberry jam and cream

Mouthwatering-ly delicious… the best scones I’ve ever had (even beats the one’s found in Dandenong Mountains and The Windsor Hotel)

Look! You can actually see bits of the Lavender in the scones!

Lather it, bathe it, drown it…

Top it all off with beautifully brewed English Breakfast Tea… and there you have it my dearies… a jolly good English (Swiss Italian) brekkie in the country!

NOTE: Thanks to all the suggestions from Facebook’s “Secret Melbourne“, when I asked, “What’s good in Daylesford”…

Overall Food Rating
: Best Lavender Scones ever eaten!! (As we were leaving though, the crowd coming in for lunch was standing around and waiting for seats… so this rating is ONLY based on their Scones.. and nothing else!)
Farm/Restaurant ambiance: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10 ($8.50 for a set, and the pot of tea was around $6 for 2pax)

350 Hepburn-Newstead Road,
Shepherds Flat via Daylesford

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 03 5476 4393

Fax: 03 5476 4390

International: +61 3 5476 4393

Lavandula is open 10.30am-5.30pm

From 1 September to 31 May we’re open daily

In June/July/August we’re open weekends, Queens Birthday Monday and Victorian school holidays

Café is closed for the whole of August
Farm is closed 24 & 25 December

Coaches and large groups by appointment only

Admission: Adults $3.50, school-age students $1.00, annual membership $10

Leashed dogs are welcome


How to get there: