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After a tiring workout =P Shopping and eating at Chatuchak…

Madam Mummy and I returned to our hotel’s premises to freshen up and shop and eat some more!!

For dinner, we happened by Doo Dee Siam.. which was on the next block from Som Tam…

It had a pretty decent crowd going.. not packed, but not empty either, so we decided to check it out =)

Madam Mummy still wanted something spicy and soupy… but not Tom Yum… so we went with a Glass Noodle soup dish.. (can’t remember what it was called)

And I ordered a minced pork spicy salad dish under their Vietnamese menu (don’t ask).

Overall Food Rating: 5.5/10 (Nothing really spectacular and I wouldn’t really make an effort to stop by again)
Restaurant ambiance: 5/10 (A lot of sign language going on here as non of the staff spoke English bar one
Value for money: 6/10

Siam Square

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