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Final breakfast in Novotel Bangkok… so I thought I’d try everything else which I hadn’t tried before

But I couldn’t go pass the Boat noodle for the day which had DUCK in it! I love duck!!

Decided to do unhealthy and healthy at the same time.. by mixing cheese, ham and fruits with a chinese donut (Yao Char Kwai) drizzled a little too excessively with condense milk 0_0

All too soon, we were in our transport vehicle headed to the airport…

The driver had to pick up other passengers from different hotels, and manuevered crazily onto hidden back lanes…

This was a seller selling pancakes by the road side.. a bit like the Malaysian version of Apam Balik… or Apung… however you want to call it.

Back to Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport (BIA – Bangkok International Airport)…

Which had some interesting displays…

And a lot of expensive shops…

Because we were so early, Madam Mummy and I decided to stop somewhere for lunch

And we came across this little cafe on the side…

And what better way to say farewell, then have a final Thai meal… albeit in an airport…

Thai nevertheless…!! Even if the name doesn’t sount too Thai-ish =)

I ordered a flat rice noodle with chicken and duck soup (which was very tasty)!

Mum had rice with Thai Chicken and Chilli Basil

For dessert, we ended on a sweet note (very sweet) of Red Gems (Water Chestnut)

The one thing I have to say about the Thai cuisine, is that the Thai’s are amazingly addicted to their sugar.. and have an extremely high intake of it… not very healthy, but they add sugar into everything!

But here’s my take on Dragon Jade

Overall Food Rating: 6.5/10
Restaurant ambiance: 6.5/10
Value for money: 4/10 (we paid triple the price in here compared to the outside, but it was to be expected, being the Airport)

Suvarnabhumi Bangkok
International Terminal

Here’s also an interesting website to explain why I use “Sawatdee” as a Goodbye/Farewell

So thank you again Thailand for being so beautiful and welcoming. It is very sad what is happening locally at the moment and I pray for it all to be healed, so that more people can once again return safely to the heart of Thailand.