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I WANTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How cool is an edible gold/silver spray for boring foods??!!!!!!!!!!!

And you can get it here…at The Deli Garage

But it’s sold out!! Grrrrrrr….

Can you imagine the things one could do with such a spray can???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On a slightly less insane note.. I got a job offer yesterday at a utilities company… I’m stoked.. it’s a permanent full-time position and I start on the 12th of April!!

Although I keep waiting for them to call me back and shout, “April Fools!!, we gotcha!… Unfortunately you really suck…”

I also want this, now that I can afford it…from Nespresso

I was in my cousin’s house for dinner the other night, (she had one, and now I MUST HAVE IT TOO!)… for $500AUD…