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I think I shall stick to Les Petit Truffe… I quite like the name and it’s here to stay (French cuisine or not!)

My favourite meal of the day!! Breakfast for dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have what looks like a simple meal of a hard boiled egg, toasted white bread, baked tomato with chorizo and parmesan, hummus (home made… did I say I love TAHINI!!!!!!!), chick peas, rocket leaves and a fine sprinkling of cracked black pepper and pink sea salt.

Upon close inspection, when you cut into the bread, eggyolk oozes out of the centre (the Chef made a hole in the bread and cracked a egg and cooked it while toasting on the pan)

The hard boiled egg, when popped open, revelead a fine mash of egg yolk and hummus (surprisingly a good match)

To top it all off (the next night! I’d die if I had to eat all that food in one seating)

Home made gnocchi served with a burnt butter and sage sauce…. (the Chef went a bit overboard in the size of the gnocchi, but it was home made…so we can look pass that!)