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So here’s the plan… I’ll make home cooked postings for a week, then I’ll do food review postings the next week.. and I’ll alternate it until I’m done on either and we’ll just have normal postings (never going to happen) again…

This plan is doomed to fail!! Just because I never follow my plans and I’m terrible with putting up my blog postings!

Finely grated carrots (Which I BLED for!)

(Yellow egg noodles, because Yellow is what they are…!)

Finely chopped shallots and a red chilli (Seeds removed)

Peeled prawns

Prawn shells and heads (for stock/soup)

Sliced chicken

Lemongrass and sliced fish sticks…

Lightly fry the shallots

Boil the soup stock with prawn shells and heads (that is where all the good sweetness comes from!), shallots, garlic and lemongrass

Cook the prawns in the soup and remove them

Cook some hard boileg eggs.. aren’t they pretty shell-less and innocent like? Like they are shy or something.. hahaha…

Fry an omelette

Shred the omelette (obviously the Boy has not got Martin Boertz’s skills), but my slicing of the hard boiled egg is perfecto!)

Bring the soup stock to a boil

Pan fry the chicken slices in some stock

Decorate and serve hot!

We made quite a huge batch…

And when we ran out of egg noodles, we had it (the soup and ingredients) with instant noodles instead…

Just as good!

Obviously, we didn’t quite use the right ingredients… but hell, it was delicious!

I’ll post up Madam Mummy’s version soon-ish… *bleik*