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Hello Folks… Let today be the firsts of Home Cooked Tuesdays

This is quite a big recipe and includes a lot of pictures taken of Madam Mummy cooking and me generally being in the way…

First up, a list of the ingredients used for this fantastic dish.. (Which Madam Mummy claims she learnt from an Indonesian lady)…

I’ve compiled the pictures to make it easier to follow… as there are quite a lot of pictures!

Start by frying the firm tofu and letting it rest. When you’re ready to serve, slice the tofu up.

To make the soup stock, it is very easy.

First, place discarded prawn shells and heads into water (to make stock) and bring it to boil.

Drain the stock of the shells and add in the pork rib pieces, some whole shallots and whole garlic… leave to simmer…

Add some tomato ketchup into the soup to give it a sweet taste

Using a mortar and pestle, pound the dried shrimps, chili paste, shallots to make a paste.

This base paste will be used in all of the dishes and is key to the Mee Bandung!

Sambal Prawn (Chilli Prawns)

Heat some oil in a wok and put in about 2 tablespoons of the chilli paste and fry until fragrant

Add more chilli paste if necessary (if you want it thicker/hotter/spicier) and put in the prawns (deshelled and deveined)

The finished product… would taste even better if you add some petai (otherwise known as stink bean or bitter bean) into it

Sambal Sotong (Chilli Cuttlefish)
To prepare the Cuttlefish, clean it and slice into equal lengths (about 5 cm or more, again depending on you)

Using the same chilli paste as before, add 1 teaspoon of brown sugar (I’ve been told that this is the secret ingredient)

In another bowl, take a few pieces of tamarind and soak it with water (about a 50cents piece)

As before, heat up some oil in the work and fry the chilli paste until fragrant, adding in the cuttlefish once it is ready.

Add some stock (from the soup, 2 ladles) and the tamarind paste…

Dish up and everything is ready to serve!

Serve with yellow egg noodles, lettuce, bean curd, egg slices, bean sprouts and coriander

A delicious meal that will make you crave for more each after every spoonful!