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One day, a boy went to college as he does everyday. Except that this day was different, he was paying attention.

He noticed a girl that he hadn’t noticed before. They were friends, but today, there was something “extra” special about her. She was stirring up feelings that he didn’t think existed.

Together with a group of friends, he decided to pursue her and confess his feelings for her.

Unfortunately, he moved too fast and he was rejected.

He didn’t give up. He couldn’t give up.

Slowly he built that trust that she craved. He knew not what he’d do if she rejected him again.

It was the longest few months of his life.

One weekend, he whisked her away, and dared to ask her to be with him again. He promised her to love her forever and to never hurt her. To forever make her laugh and be happy.

He promised her with 101 roses which he wrapped and prepared himself.

With every thorn that pricked his finger, he made a silent wish that she would say “yes”.

They were 18 years old.

9 years later, we’re celebrating that love, trust and friendship created during that time.

Exasperating at times, he is still keeping that promise.

Happy Anniversary to the Boy and I.

I love you.