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Anyone that knows me, can attest to you how much I LOVE dogs…

As a child, I’ve always wanted my very own best friend… someone who would always love me no matter what happened, and would lick my face dry from the tears I’d cry…

That love has been carried through to my adult life, and everytime I see a dog, my heart melts and my knees go weak!

Okay, I am having some knee problems now which only through major knee reconstruction can be fixed, but I digress

Every weekend, the Boy will take me to a pet shop to visit the puppies available… and I’d stand there and melt until he drags me away!

The only reason why I haven’t found my friend as yet, is because I am not allowed pets in my current home (the landlord dissaproves… BOO!)

In my world, I have a beautiful white Japanese Spitz (and the Boy wants a Siberian Husky) named Snowy Snowstorm, and the Husky named Phantom Fang.

My dog would wait for me to come home from work and entertain himself by watching television

He would have dinner with us and lick clean the plates so that I wouldn’t have to do any cleaning up!

He’d love to lie on his back and go to sleep, without a care in the world…

Because this is my dog, he’s required to share the same interests as me and be intellectually inclined to read as many books as I do…

So what are you waiting for?

There are a lot of beautiful, healthy dogs that are currently up for adoption. For some reason or another, their owners can no longer care for them.

The great sense of joy and accomplishment that you will feel once you have rescued a dog will be immense!

Don’t lie there on your lazy bum and ignore the situation out there!

Join Plopples or as we like to call him Ploppy, as we celebrate Yellow Dog Day on Friday June 4th this year!

What are you waiting for? Even Ploppy has signed on Facebook to “like” and be a fan of the Pedigree Adoption Drive page on Facebook.

For every fan or “like” they get on this page, the nice people at Pedigree have agreed to donate a bowl of dog food to a dog shelter!

For more information, visit the Pedigree website by following the advertisement banner on the top left or just click on this link

Even if you can’t adopt a dog (like poor unfortunate me), you can still donate via Pet Rescue or become a fan on Facebook. To help, it is that easy!

Seriously, visit the Pedigree website and make yourself proud!