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Welcome to the second post to the Chadstone food week (which I’ve created).. so you’re welcome!

Cafe Vini e Spuntini…has Italian ties to Giuseppi, Arnaldo and Sons (I’ll say no more… go do your own research)…

There aren’t many (or any) reviews out there about this little cafe in Chadstone, but more on the Pizze establishment in Elsternwick… as they say, “same same but different”…

It’s always full (I doubt if I’ve ever seen it empty), and next to it, is Sushi Sushi… in front of it, the entrance to the lower ground of Myer and KoKo Black (if you know Chaddy, you’ll know how to get here)…

We were rushing for a movie, and this was the best place to head to… as oppose to our last great mistake with Yume, this was heaven in disguise!

Service was prompt, punctual, friendly and exact… I was pleasantly surprised and wasn’t expecting this level of service in a Cafe, let alone in a busy section of Chadstone!

The Boy couldn’t resist and ordered the Torta al Chocolate $6.50 … he was staring at it the whole time he was in line waiting to place his order…

It was delicious! Light and fluffy… I thought it’d be heavy, but I thought wrong…

I wasn’t feeling too hungry and decided to keep it simple by ordering a Turkey Ham and Cheese Focaccia $7.50 (I think)…

Notice the fresh cranberries in the Focaccia toasted? DELICIOUS!

The Boy ordered a Homemade Vegetable Risotto with zucchini, cherry tomato, onion and goats cheese $14.50

Trying a bit of it (I had a huge 1/5 of it) and it was delicious, I couldn’t stop eating it…

Of course, the quality didn’t match that of Tutto Bene.. but who can??!

I’m definitely going back to try the other things on offer…

And I’m definitely going to try the sister establishment in Elsternwick…

And maybe also Giuseppe, Arnaldo and Sons… why not?

*Disclaimer: All food ratings are purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the service, food and quality

Food/ Cuisine: Italian
Dining Style: Cafe
Overall Food Rating (Based on the Dining style): 8/10
Restaurant ambiance: 7/10 (It was a bit cramped and we were elbow to elbow with the next table
Service/ Attitude: 8/10 (There was a pepper boy!!!)
Value for money: 7.5/10

Shop B 142
Lower Ground Floor
Chadstone Shopping Centre
1341 Dandenong Road
Chadstone VIC 3148

Tel:(03) 9564 7455

Cafe Vini e Spuntini is open
Mon-Wed: 9am-5pm
Thu-Fri: 9am-9pm
Sat-Sun: 9am-5pm

How to get there:

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