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2 weekends ago, we visited the crazy and genius mind of Tim Burton at ACMI

I was quite excited as I’ve watched many of his creations…

It’s a bonus that I love Johnny Depp and this in no way influenced my decision to see this exhibition (IT DOESN’T!!)

I think the fact that no photos were allowed in the exhibition itself… it allowed me to give my full attention to the images and creations presented inside…

I wasn’t distracted by, “OH MY GOD.. I have to take this shot” moments…

I could enjoy and take it all in…

Besides, I’d knocked myself out taking every little Tim Burton-ish images on the outside…

The Boy and Cousin A were more into the Bat mobile than I was… but I took pictures anyway ^_^

The entrance to the exhibition was really cute!

TOXIC BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upon coming out, I wanted to buy each and every little figurine I could get my hands on… but managed to walk away empty handed…


I would definitely recommend this if you are a Tim Burton fan, or a fan of Gothic art… or just into macabre fun stuff…

What’s inside?
– Sketches and drawings compiled through the years (includes doodles)
– A weird video of a Japanese adaptation of Tim’s work (plus things from the set)
– ZERO! and other interesting things from Nightmare before Christmas
– Alice in Wonderland costumes
– Beetlejuice facts
– Batman facts and costume
– Edward Scissorhand costume
– Sleepy Hollow costume

Obviously, this is only a glimpse of the things but it’s an incredible collection of doodlings and art from Tim’s high school years straight through to what he is doing today.

WE did go on a busy Sunday and we took about 1.5 hours to complete it… might take a bit longer if you are the type to watch/listen/see everything there is in there =)