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Third time lucky as they say. Ms Fashionista was down here for a weekend and the Boy and I decided to take her out to try out the dinner and dessert menu at il Fornaio.
She must have been our lucky charm! We got a seating (we were early, 6pm – the person over the phone told us that it is super busy around 8pm –> they don’t take bookings either)
We had an absoultely great night, with good food, fantastic dessert, great company and exceptional service! The last was indeed a pleasant surprise given our previous two visits here was a bit… err… how do I say… abrupt and interesting (let’s just leave it at that) albeit the food was good.
We put in a few savoury orders to share, but our main purpose for the night was of course to try their dessert menu… my eyes scanned the menu and rested at the “Sweets” section and had an extremely hard time deciding what to order… Between the 3 of us, I decided we could do two appetizers, one main and 3 desserts (all to share of course)…

So for starters we had a Lentil and ham hock terrine with Dijon and cornichons (a type of gherkin)… $18

Whilst the terrine was fabulous and went really well with the crispy toasted bread, the Dijon mustard really didn’t add much to the flavouring or the dish

Next we had a serving of Home smoked salmon classically garnished (served with egg, capers & creme fraiche $ 17)

This was delicious, but again it wasn’t outstanding or special… and the toasted white bread that came with it was a bit err.. over buttery

For the mains, we tried the special of the day, which was a roast lamb dish with a bean salad (I can’t remember the price, but I’m sure it was in the high 20’s)

We were quite pleased with the service at this stage, our nice waittress checked on us often enough (but not intrusively) and continuously topped up our water!

A snapshot of dinner


But I was eager to eat my dinner quickly as I knew that dessert was on the way! And what a spectacular round of dessert it was…

Million Dollar Bullet $22


First up was the Million Dollar Bullet and boy did it look a Million BUCKS! The chocolate was really dense and intense…. the licorice ice-cream was an absolute divine pairing with the intensity of the chocolate… just amazing really…

Snow White & Rose Red $18


The Snow White and Rose Red arrived with a pair of beautiful Meringue Wings (I wish I could do that) and sugared rose petals…

Ms Fashionista commented that it reminded her of “Air Bandung” (which directly translated means Bandung Water –> as in the place in Indonesia)… Air (pronounced, ah-ye) Bandung is a rose syrup milk drink…

I didn’t think about the similarities until she pointed it out.. I’d rather have this dessert tho 🙂



And finally, to the Snickers (caramel parfait paired with salted peanut caramel and milk chocolate mousse) ..

The dessert that brought me back here not once, but 3 times!

The dessert that stumped the Masterchef contestants in the second season…

The dessert that has made it into the top 5 most memorable desserts in Victoria…

Is it worthy of all those accolades? Yes, and much much more…

I know quite a lot has been written about this.. but clearly I have to have my say in this as well… A mouthful of this dessert is equivalent to jam-packing a whole Snickers bar into your mouth…

The tempered chocolate snapped with a resounding “crack”.

The salted peanut caramel… MmMmmm…. the salted peanut caramel… remembering it almost makes me want to drive over there right now and buy a few…

I asked the Boy (two weeks after this visit), if he would return and pay $19 for another Snickers.. and he immediately replied, “Of course!”… Apparently I was asking a redundant question…

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*Disclaimer: All food ratings are purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the service, food and quality

Food/ Cuisine: Modern Australian
Dining Style: Cafe/ Restaurant
Overall Food Rating (Based on the Dining style): 8/10 (9/10 just for the desserts!!!!)
Restaurant ambiance: 8/10 (it was a lot quieter and less chaotic during dinner time)
Service/ Attitude: 8/10
Value for money: 8/10 (those desserts are hard to make!)

2 Acland Street
St Kilda, VIC 3182

Tel:(03) 9534 2922


Il Fornaio is open from
Monday – Friday 7am-11pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am – 11pm (closed from 5pm-6pm)

How to get there:

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