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What can you do with around $ AUD 20 a month? That’s what the Boy and I asked ourselves a couple of years ago…

Photo Courtesy of Guide Dogs and Nuffnang
Join the Guide Dog Australia sponsorship program!!! And join the sponsorship program we did.


For $250 a year, we get to visit the puppies that are trained up to be working Guide Dogs… more importantly, we get to help the community and the visually impaired individuals who are deeply in need for more guide dogs to help them in their daily activities… activities that you and I might take for granted…reading this post for example.

Now it’s even easier to jump on board with the new Guide Dog awareness campaign, Six Feet One Journey. Watch this great video that takes you through the joy of raising a guide dog puppy as well as Puppy Raising Officer Brett, seasoned volunteer Puppy Raiser Susan, and puppy-in-training Lulu (she’s soooooo adorable!!!)

For more videos by Frontline and National Geographic, click here to go to YouTube or

Developed by FRONTLINE PLUS® and HEARTGARD30® PLUS, this campaign pays tribute to the many people behind the fantastic work that goes into transforming cute (and often), playful puppies (from 8 weeks old) into responsible Guide Dogs for Australians with impaired vision. This process, although fun and wonderfully carried out by loving “adoptive parents”, is a monumental job and takes 2 years to complete (more if they fail the first tests!)… and a lot of money as well…it costs around $ AUD 25,000 over the course of it’s working life.

A series of short films which have been jointly developed by National Geographic Channel, Merial and Guide Dogs Australia details this incredible journey detailing the 3 stages of training that Guide Dogs must undergo before they qualify in their important work. These 3 stages are showcased together with the lives of three Australians with impaired vision and the great bond they share with their Guide Dogs, which are:

This is Malabo… isn’t he the sweetest thing??!
Puppy raising
 After a veterinary check for good health, pups are placed with a specially selected ‘puppy raising family’ for 12 months where they learn basic social skills and obedience while being monitored by a Puppy Raising Officer.

Team training 
At around 14 months of age, their suitability for guiding work is assessed at the Guide Dogs Centre. If selected, they embark on five months of intensive training, learning a range of complex skills.

Training in the field 
Guide Dogs that successfully complete the program are then matched to a potential handler, according to the person’s specific lifestyle and mobility needs.

Just a key point if you ever meet a Guide Dog in your journey through life, never pet a working Guide Dog and don’t distract it. 

However, if you do attend any of the Open Days, the puppy handlers and the pups themselves are more than ready for a photo opportunity!

Quenton and I in 2008
I’ve met many Guide Dogs in my life, both in the real world as well as when I visit the Guide Dog Centre in Kew… I’m always blown away by the enormous effort and the generous nature of everyone involved.

For those who can’t possibly help by adopting a Guide Dog puppy to raise and train (for a year), we can always donate generously. You get pupdates, open day invitations, and even invites to name new puppy litters!!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and donate today!! I did and I have never regretted it!!! I’ve been there for the P litter, Q litter, O litter, B litter (and a whole lot more) and most recently the M litter!

Meet Madison.. she’s a real trouble-maker but sooo cute!
The Guide Dogs organisation relies on individual donors, community groups and corporate donors as it receives minimal funding from the government. So make a difference today and help support the Guide Dogs organisation and pass on the Six Feet One Journey campaign by sharing this post with your friends, family and colleagues!

I would love to know if you have a story to tell that relates to helping visually impaired individuals or with Guide Dog (Australia) in general!!

Find out more on how to sponsor the Guide Dogs in:

**pictures used are my own from my recent Guide Dog Open Day in September in Kew, Victoria, showcasing the newest “M” litter**