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I must apologise for the lack of posts… what with the new domain, people back at work (meaning more work), dinner parties, #duckfests to attend… I am one very tired gal!! However, a couple of months ago, if you recall, Ms Fashionista came by for a weekend to visit both Ms Tinymouse and I… The Boy cooked up a storm for us (as usual)… so please, enjoy this visual feast 🙂
Taramosalata and other Greek Dips
We had gone to Victoria Market earlier in the day to get some fresh ingredients!… And I couldn’t resist getting some of these wonderful dips from the local Greek Deli… My brain has fused and the only thing I can remember out of the three dips is Taramosalata… I’m quite sure one of them was a spinach dip and the other was a sun dried tomato dip…. Possibly… Memory like a sieve… 
 Fresh Turkish Bread (toasted on the griller)
We also decided to get some fresh Turkish bread from the local bakery there. I remember there was a huge crowd of people just waiting to get their hands on the sweet smelling breads… If there’s a smell I had to pick to wake up to in the mornings… it would be freshly baked bread… (yes… it trumps coffee.. I said it :P)
 So admittedly, the entree of the bread and dips weren’t cooked by any of us (neither the girls, the Boy nor I did anything apart from toasting the bread and making the dips look pretty)… but because they were so fresh… they were amazingly good!!
Grilled Snapper with Meditarranean Spices


On to the mains… we had bought fresh snapper and got the fishmonger to clean and scale the fish for us (we are wusses that way or very clever individuals)…. we grilled it simply on its own after rubbing some meditarranean spices onto it… served with fresh radish and lemon…beautiful in it’s simplicity….

A peek of the famous 4 hour Roasted Pork


You may or may not remember (depending on if you are a new reader or existing) about the Boy’s wonderful 4 hour slow roasted pork… which has featured on this blog 2 other times now… It was a requested dish, hence why it’s sitting there on the table amongsts a very Medittarenean theme… (a tad out of place… only in feel.. not taste)…

Poached Pears with Dark Chocolate and Marmalade filling
For dessert (of course there is dessert! There’s always room for dessert)… and because my BFF has gone around telling all my other girlfriends that she had poached pears… this is the most requested dessert at our table (when my girlfriends come for a visit)…. to date, each and everyone of them has had a taste except Ms Blur and Ms Scotland (I can’t think of another name!)…
This was a beautiful dinner… interjected by much lameness from the Boy (in terms of Jokes….please spare us darling!)…. LAUGHTER… LOVE… and most of all… a good get together with old friends…. we are… *ahem*… I quote, “shit old ladies” unquote… after all…
How do you all celebrate your get togethers? And what are the most ridiculous things you have been called (out of earshot/on a facebook/twitter status)?  Obviously, ours was “shit old ladies”… we haven’t even hit 30 yet!!! Oh well….