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Like all Commonwealth countries, Malaysia went through a long history of colonisation by the British empire and only gained independence in 1957.

Although we are a relatively young country, we are a country steeped with history and rich in culture.

This will be my very first Merdeka (literally translated as independent or freedom) blog post to highlight the wonders and beauty of Malaysia and to share with you a glimpse of a unique part of South East Asia 🙂

So sit back and relax. Give yourself a couple of minutes and just dream of a day in paradise, of a day in Malaysia.

Obviously, there will be many photos of food included in the short video the Boy and I have especially compiled for you! 10 points if you can spot the giant durian!

I hope you enjoyed yourself on the very short journey. Have an amazing Merdeka day celebration and Happy Aidilfitri (Eid alFitr) to all my Muslim friends 🙂 Maaf Zahir Batin.