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First of all, I’d like to thank all my friends, family, readers, their friends and family, for jumping on board and help spread the word, and visiting the Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Summit website each week in August to cast their votes for me 🙂

A humongous and loud applause to all of the amazing bloggers that took part in this tummy-filling MK Blogger Summit. I hope we’ve all learnt something new about Malaysian cuisine (I know I have), and that we’ve managed to increase awareness of this cuisine in Australia (and maybe the rest of the world).

I can’t thank you all enough, so I’ll do the next best thing. I’ll bring all of you with me along for the ride (via my blog and Twitter account and tweet live updates as well as blog posts).

If you are curious, the final tally for the votes is located on the Malaysia Kitchen Website.

I’ll be heading to Malaysia with two other lovely winners, The Food Pornographer and Inside Cuisine.

So tell me, which was your favourite posts out of the four?

Week 1 – Sambal Kampung
Week 2 – Monk & Me
Week 3 – Chillipadi
Week 4 – Lim’s Nyonya Hut