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I’ve often said that there are two smells that are worth waking up to. Freshly baked breads and freshly brewed coffee. Research has even showed that if you are planning to sell your house and have these two things showcasing on the opening day for potential home buyers walking though the door, you’re more likely to sell your house!

Somehow during the recent launch of Brasserie Bread in South Melbourne, the smell of freshly baked loaves of Sourdough assailed my senses as soon as I walked in and I was instantly on a high! However, thinking back now, it could have been the freshly painted walls of this brand new bakery! 😀

Brasserie Bread is the brainchild and baby of Tony Papas and Michael Klausen. What began as a dream turned into reality at Bayswater Brasserie in Kings Cross, the iconic Sydney restaurant opened by Tony Papas in 1982. 7 years later, Tony was joined by Michael Klausen, and they both had a great belief that “a great Sydney dining experience was not complete without a fantastic bread accompaniment”.

Strongly believing in artisan baking, Brasserie Bread has been making its sourdough bread for 16 years (and counting) using the same organic starter (wild yeast) and that is the heart and backbone for all their sourdough breads.

So when they decided that their adventure would take them down to Melbourne, they did what every sane bakery should do.

They took their starter from their iconic Sydney store on a roadtrip all the way down to Melbourne!

So the bread you will be served with at the Brasserie bakery in Melbourne would have been made from the same starter as the ones in Sydney! WIN!

You can watch their wonderful adventure via their website.

During the launch night, they had a long table laden with all the wonderful produce they had sourced on the way down to Melbourne on their Sourdough Road Trip for the guests to try out. You can also read about it on their blog.

There were Alto Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting with Brasserie Bread Rye, The Jammery with the most amazing Brasserie Bread Banana Loaf, Yarra Valley Dairy cheese, as well as their famous Schiacciata con l’uva (Sour Cherry Loaf).

And then there were the Schiacciata with prosciutto and rocket… a match made in sourdough heaven!

There were so much good fresh bread with wonderful fresh produce that I couldn’t keep track of it all!

One of my favourite savoury breads that night had to be the garlic bread with whole caramelised garlic nestled within the pockets of dough.

They also served a range of toasted ciabatta as well.

YVD Creme Fraiche with dill and Harris Smokehouse Black Label Salmon.

When it came time for desserts, our whole group placed ourselves strategically right next to the dessert baking section so that we would be the firsts to nom on the delights!

Look at that! Freshly baked chocolate and caramel tarts! Just look at that caramel dripping down… mMmmmmm….

Assorted cake and tarts including Apricot Tart and the Raspberry & Pistachio Friand

LOOK at that beautifully glazed Apricot and Frangipani tart… *sigh*

We were also given a variety of Gundowring ice-cream! So good! My favourite had to be the toasted honey with walnuts.

They also had a heap of Flourless Belgian Chocolate & Walnut Brownie which were so decadent and so so worthy putting on an extra kilo for 🙂

*drumrolls* Michael and David display the starter which completed its Sydney – Melbourne journey. I had a quick taste of it and it was exactly as I expected it to taste. Yeasty 😛

As we left, we were provided with the most amazing goody bags, including the most rich and firm Country Sourdough for us to take home and enjoy!

Given that I absolutely love bread, my first introduction to Brasserie Bread was an incredible highlight of how passionate people can get when it comes to making really good quality bread.

Brasserie Bread Melbourne officially opened its doors to the public on the 17th November 2011. Similar to the Sydney store, it is a cafe, retailer, wholesale and baking school.

Every Saturday, Brasserie Bread runs FREE kids (aged 4 – 12 years) baking classes. Call 1300 966 845 to book a spot.

Check out the Brasserie Bread Melbourne Cafe Menu if you plan to dine in.

[Ms I-Hua dined as a guest of the wonderful team at Brasserie Bread]

*Disclaimer: All food review and ratings are purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the service, food and quality at the time of visit.

150 Thistlethwaite Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 7:30am to 3pm

Tel: 1300 966 845


Twitter: @BrasserieMelb

How to get there:

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