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Hello and welcome to another Yuletide silly season bedecked with holly, love, family, laughter, alcohol, food, carbohydrates and fun (not necessarily in that order).

A long long time ago (think Star Wars lights as you read this), when I was younger, Christmas was a completely different occasion for me.

It was a time when I would spend time with my “other” family.

Dad, his wife (not Madam Mummy), stepbrother, stepsisters, half-sisters, Big Sis, cats, dogs, chickens, what have yous got together during this time of the year (and this was in Malaysia).

We were a big family with 7 kids under the roof from 3 families. Needless to say, it was hectic, loud, boisterous and at that time in my life, very interesting.

Flash forward 20 years and things have certainly changed.

I am older and wiser and despite a few hiccups and set backs this year, I think we are finally in a pretty good place in life.

Gone are the days where my sisters and I would hang huge pillow cases at the foot of our beds waiting for it to be filled up on Christmas morning.

Gone are the days that if we didn’t get to bed, our maids would tell us that the Boogeyman would come get us, and we’d scream and giggle and go to bed like good little girls (just in case Santa was watching).

Life was a lot simpler back then 🙂

What hasn’t changed is that Christmas is still one occasion I try really hard to make work.

I absolutely love the silly season. I love consuming the delicious food and addictive alcoholic beverages.

I love spending time with family (new and old) at home and in Malaysia.

Most of all, I love building fresh new wonderful memories with the Boy and I.

This year, I think we’ll be keeping Christmas and New Year’s pretty simple.

We will spend our Christmas day with family, join the annual mad throngs of bargain hunters Boxing Day morning at 5.30am and have an absolutely smashing boozy day with our friends!

So to all my wonderful readers, I would like to say, no matter what Christmas and New Years’ mean to you, I do hope that this year, you would be able to look back at the year gone past and be able to laugh, smile, cry happy tears and just have a warm fuzzy feeling of “Thank God I am alive to experience another tremendous year ahead learning new things in life”.

So dear silly and happy readers, what does Christmas remind you of and how has that changed for you this year?

Please remember as you party and drink, be responsible but most importantly stay safe. For those travelling during this silly season, drive safely and arrive safely. If you’re drinking, please do NOT drive!

Lots of love,
I-Hua and the Boy.