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Well. Neither the Boy or I have managed to become gazillionaires lately nor have we managed to be any good at punting at horse racing, so I guess we’ll have to stick by our day jobs just that little bit longer *sigh*

What’s not too bad, is that we will be going on our honeymoon soon! BIG YAY!

But before that, we thought we had better put up more pictures from our last (and first) romantic getaway to the Land of Smiles.

From where we left off the last time, I was gazing off into the beautiful landscape and the horizon of the Phi Phi Islands.

We finally made it to Maya Bay. Clear blue unconditionally skies (yes, I ripped that line from TLC) and the softest white sand that you can ever imagine.

If you can’t quite see it in your mind’s eye, let me just say, it’s akin to walking on a beach of baby talcum powder. It was that soft and that beautiful, I wanted to take some home with me to scatter on the verandah.

The picture above doesn’t do justice to the majestic towering walls that surround the bay, and it is not until you are passing by via speedboat that you are hit by how tiny you actually are in the scale of things.

Due to the popularity of Maya Bay, unfortunately it isn’t as tranquil as we would have liked it to be.

We were only one party to around 30 speedboats in the area at any given time.

The best time to visit Maya Bay is during the months of November to April. If you are looking to avoid the crazy bucket loads of tourist lining the sand and the shaded alcoves by the beach, then come early in the morning or stay a little past 5pm to enjoy the bay in all its glory.

We were keen to take the short trek from the beach side of the bay to the back of the island where the parts of the movie The Beach was filmed.

As I was lured by the softness of the sand, I decided to leave my slippers on the boat and run along the trek with the Boy to the inlet at the back.

Bad idea. The tiny lagoon that led up to the rickety steps facing the rather choppy waves on the unprotected part of the island were strewn with broken sea shells, making me wince every step of the way.

If you have watched the movie The Beach before, the area we were at, was apparently where they filmed dear old Leo fighting off a shark attack.

Having never seen the movie, that little piece of information floated right out my head as we were there.

The Boy and I laughed as we look back at our pictures. We took too many pictures of the beautiful horizon and clear blue water surrounding, so much so that we forgot to take actual pictures of the beach itself!

I think at the time, we figured that the beach wouldn’t be that pretty in pictures so we took plenty of happy snaps of what we were looking at, failing to capture the places we were standing on (we also were trying to avoid taking pictures of nearly naked people on the beach :O).

Oh, what I would give to go back to Maya Bay one more time!

Await for me thy beautiful sandy beach. We will return one day 🙂