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Hello fabulous readers! How have you all been?

A very happy new year to all of you (although we are a week late :P).

The Boy and I have recently returned from our whirlwind 4 week honeycation and have come back bursting with new stories, vibrant pictures and glorious food adventures to chronicle with the rest of you.

Have you missed us?

I must apologise for the lack of posts in the last 4 weeks. Initially I had it all laid out in a schedule with a post coming from us once every 3 days, but that all went to chaos as we ended up madly packing for our second wedding reception and honeymoon.

I also had a bad case of laziness in writing and didn’t want to ruin my first proper vacation (with no thoughts of work, issues or troubles in life) in a while with the Boy.

So please forgive me, I take full credit for the lack of postings.

But here we are! Back at the helm and ready to go!!!

Are you ready for us?


Ms I-Hua and the Boy