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With summer only a distant memory and winter fast approaching, the Boy and I would like to share the next Playground post with you.

Aptly named Fruits of the Earth, I think the Boy captured Mother Nature’s gifts perfectly on the plate.

A good mix of seasonal fruits, flowers and chocolate, this dish is sure to make you tingle.

“And with your powers combine, I am Captain Planet!” *cue Captain Planet music in your head right now!*


What I love about this dish which The Boy has created is the many natural textural components. The only ‘cooking’ this dish requires is the actual making of the chocolate ‘soil’.


Components of the dish:

Frozen Chocolate Mousse crumbs (basically a mixture of chocolate and water whipped vigorously until a whip cream texture is achieved. Mousse is then frozen and crumbed when ready to serve)
Geraniums Petals
Grated Coconut

With a little imagination, anyone can make this.

It’ll even get the kids wanting to eat it, I think as it has such playfulness. Trash the cutlery, this dish requires you to use your God given utensils. Get down and grubby!


What do you think? The beauty with a dish such as this is that you can serve it in any season as you’ll use whichever seasonal fruit and edible flowers available.

Will you serve this at your next dinner party?