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Hey hey hey! Hope you are all well and happy.

The Boy and I have been a little sad in the last couple of weeks as we’ve been having a few web hosting issues, mostly due to the speed of loading up our web page and error messages received when we are trying to save and upload posts. 

As you can imagine, it’s been driving us a little bit insane, particularly with the my IT Helpdesk Support a.k.a. The Boy.

So this weekend gone by, The Boy toiled hard and it seems that we’ve managed to port web hosts successfully.

A tremendous amount of work was done and I can’t thank The Boy enough for all his hard work.

So with the new web host, some things may have occurred and we would love it very much if you could report these issues to us if you come across them:

  • Broken links
  • Images not showing
  • Comments may have disappeared
  • Error messages

Thanks again for your patience as we’ve dealt with these issues from the backend.

Until then, here’s to more posts coming up real soon!

Have a lovely week ahead.


Ms I-Hua & The Boy