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Fondly referred to as The Big Wang (okay maybe it’s not, but that’s how I am now lovingly referring to it, so there), we have recently fallen in love with the quiet town of Wangaratta.

When we visited a few months ago, we didn’t quite know what to expect. Sure, we were familiar with Rutherglen and Beechworth. The latter will always have a soft spot in my heart seeing as that’s where The Boy and I got engaged.

However, we have never ventured as far north-east in Victoria where Wangaratta is located. Roughly 230kms north of Melbourne to be exact.


A while back, we posted up our wonderful day out of horse riding and Prosecco picnicking in the bush with the Forge family.

In this post, we take you back on a journey of all the other places we visited on our two day visit there.

In my research of the Wang, I discovered that is one famous person that both you and I know!

Nick Cave! No bad seeds about that 🙂 And if you happen to read as many fantasy genre books as I do, then you’ll be pleased to know that popular Australian fantasy author, Isobelle Carmody hails too from the Wang.

But I digress. Enjoy The Wang if you ever go! Here are some tips on where you should go to fill up your hungry bellies 🙂

Day 1:

Cafe Derailleur
38 Norton Street
Wangaratta VIC
Tel: 03 5722 9589


Stop by Cafe Derailleur for a quick pit-stop breakfast. We particularly loved the Yarn Bombing of old bicycles and random knick-knacks out at the courtyard.

Choose from a wide array of popular breakfast/ brunch options such as French Toast on Apple Jam with Bacon and Maple Butter; Smashed Avocado, Mint and Feta with Tomato and Cheeky Lemon with Toast; Vietnamese style Omelette with Pickled Carrot, Bean Shoots and Cucumber (with either chicken, pork belly or marinated tofu); or go weird like someone we know *poke-poke-fan-fan-squish-squish* and have House Made Bagels with Cream Cheese, Jam and a side of bacon! Why not? Go crazy. No one will judge you here 😛


Rees & Rees
2 Warby St
Wangaratta VIC
Tel: +61418553087


Here’s where it get’s exciting. Rees and Rees (the local go-to-place for all things pretty) also has a luxury accommodation nestled away on an idyllic street.

Choose from either the full 2 bedroom house at the front or the quieter, more hidden self-contained studio out the back. Separated only by a beautiful long swimming pool, this place is ideal for couples or friends/family on holiday together!



Precinct Bar & Restaurant
60-62 Faithfull Street
Wangaratta VIC
Tel: 03 5722 1957


For dinner you are spoilt for choice with the local main street coming alive after dark (or before if you’re heading there towards summer).

You can either go all relaxed and casual at the Precinct Bar & Restaurant and have delicious gourmet pizzas at your beck and call.

All the pizza’s we tried were delicious. It’s hustling and bustling and if in doubt, just follow the locals 🙂

Come in the day and admire the view from the deck at the back overlooking the beautiful Ovens River.


56 Faithfull St
Wangaratta VIC 3676
Tel: (03) 5722 4000


If you’re up for something a little more special and less casual, Watermarc next door serves up some fine modern dining options.

My particular favourite from the entree section is the crispy pork crackling with chimichurri! Lip Smacking!


Without a doubt, I think we definitely ate our fill (and then some), considering this was our second dinner right after all the pizzas at The Precinct!

Slow cooked lamb, braised pork belly, slow cooked beef cheeks, house made pasta, were a few of the dishes that kept coming out of the kitchen!


There were even desserts! Panna Cotta, Creme Brulee, man were they tasty!


Cafe The PreVue
68 Faithfull St
Wangaratta VIC 3677
Tel: (03) 5721 2092


For breakfast the next day, we strolled over to Cafe Pre Vue and enjoyed a few classic all-day breakfast items.

With such a big night of feasting previously, there were calls for bacon and coffee all round!


Ovens River


After breakfast, we did a spot of walking along the Ovens River, taking in the calm and peace of the country before we were forced back into the harsh reality of the bustling city life.



Clay’s Kitchen
34a Ovens Street
Wangaratta, VIC 3677
Tel: 03 5722 2308


After our stroll down and up the Ovens River, we continued walking around town and by chance discovered Clay’s Kitchen (nestled into Rees and Rees homeware store). Yes, the same Rees and Rees in which we stayed the night before! So if you do end up staying at the accommodation and fall in love with the decoration and furnishings, chances are, that you will be able to find it in store.

For us though, we just wanted a cup of tea 🙂


Baileys of Glenrowan/Old Block Cafe
779 Taminick Gap Rd
Glenrowan Vic 3675
Tel: (03) 5766 1600

Cafe opens every Saturday and Sunday for Brunch 11.00am to 12.00pm; Lunch from 12.00pm to 3.00pm. Bookings appreciated on 03 5766 1600. Enjoy the wood fired pizzas available here.


Black Dog Brewery
339 Booth Road
Taminick, VIC 3675
Tel: (03) 57662282


Just before we went on our way back to our lives, we decided to delay the inevitable by visiting a few tourist spots along the journey home. Nothing like a good holiday procrastination!

We visited the above places and even stopped for more pizza! Where do we fit it all in? Well, I know who to blame with these extra large clothing I keep purchasing 😛

Wangaratta is such a lovely quiet place to visit. Especially if you’re after some R&R time to recharge your batteries and conquer the world after that.

[Ms I-Hua & The Boy visited Wangaratta as guests of the Rural City of Wangaratta Tourism and visited each of the location stated above courtesy of the restaurants and accommodation aforementioned]