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Oh my! The weeks are going by way too quickly. Or is it just that February is the shortest month of the year?

Whatever it is, we seemed to have blinked and missed a Playground post for February and we’ve now entered into the realm of Autumn (or Fall as our American friends would call it).

So here you are, presented on a plate, exquisitely just for you.

An ode to a humble but Omega 3 rich fish, with similarities drawn to of our recent Australian summer (or lack thereof).

A little bit hot and a little bit cold.

The Boy decided to play and challenge my mind once again when he broached this idea with me.

“Let’s play with tradition and turn its head around!”.

As usual, I’m led by his ingenuity (and my lack of creativity) in the kitchen.


Elements on the plate:

  • [Hot] Crispy Skin Salmon cooked in Curry infused oil
  • [Cold] Salmon Rillette with Drumhead Cabbage
  • Potato Puree
  • Crispy Potato Skin
  • Leek Ash
  • Curry Oil


So what do you think? What would your fish song be? How would you turn on the traditional and make the classic crispy skin salmon your own?