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Sometimes the creativity of The Boy really astounds me. I mean I should be quite used to it by now, but somehow, each time he creates a dish and plates up, my jaw literally drops on the floor.

Literally. Lots of painful surgery required to put it back to normal again 😛

Okay, so my jaw doesn’t quite literally fall onto the floor, but seriously. I think you get my point.

The Boy even got featured on CNN recently as a popular instagram chef! (If you haven’t read the article, here is the link!)

I am just so proud of him. The funniest thing to happen since that article was published? He has since been interviewed and published on a German website too (if you can read German, here is the link!).

There are times he makes dishes that I too cannot eat. Just like his followers on instagram (follow @zeboy if you aren’t already), I just imagine how the food would taste like. Sometimes, he will even cook me a different meat option just so that I could enjoy a similar dish too!


Elements on the plate:

Grilled Sher Wagyu F1

Red Wine Glaze

Pickled Shiitake

Roasted Capsicum


What do you think? Please join me in congratulating @zeboy a.k.a. The Boy on being such a humble, modest, popular man. He’s the love of my life (and he needs to cook me more beautiful looking dishes like the one above!).