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Steamboat / Hot Pot with a Portable Induction Cooker – Recipe + Portable Induction Cooker Giveaway

Sick and tired of winter already? Can’t wait for spring and summer to come? Needing to enjoy a warm hearty meal but can’t be fussed with cooking? We felt pretty much the same and decided to host a Steamboat party for a few friends. Find out how you can stand to WIN a New Wave Portable Induction Cooker so that you can throw your very own Steamboat party too!

Homemade Egg Tofu with Minced Pork Recipe

How often have you gone out to buy Japanese egg tofu and thought, “Man $4.50 for this tiny piece of soy bean product!” and “I could so easily make this at home, if I had the time!”. Well wonder no more, for you can now make your own tofu for the fraction of the cost in 30 minutes. Don’t believe me? Check this recipe out.