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10th Blog Anniversary & Give Away!

We’ve finally done it! We’ve hit our Blog’s Diamond Anniversary! 10 whole years of sharing stories, recipes, reviews, and adventures. We can’t thank you enough! So here’s a small token of our appreciation. Read on to find out more!

Spiced Red Wine Poached Pears Recipe

What better way to enjoy leftover wine (what is this concept you ask) and pears? Poached pears of course! Perfect for a busy household as it can be made in advance, this dessert will look stunning and taste delicious too!

Bali: Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort and Dinner at Cut Catch Cucina

Bali, the unofficial 7th state of Australia, is a quick getaway for many Aussies wishing to enjoy some sun, sea and sand during the colder months of the year. Only 6 hours away by flight, the island of Indonesia welcomes visitors and caters to travellers of all budgets. We decided to embark on a luxurious escapade last year and stayed in Sofitel Nusa Dua Beach Resort.

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 Totally needing more of this delicious Prawn Risotto with basil and preserved lemon. So damn good! . . Want a taste? Pop on over to @grandrichmond to see how you can try this and a dozen other amazing dishes during the @melbfoodandwine for their Italian Yum Cha weekends ❤ . . #grandrichmond #italiansdoitbetter #italianyumcha  I often dream of food. More often than not its usually Japanese cuisine. I could happily eat Japanese food forever to be honest. . . Here's a beautiful bowl of Chirashi with the freshest seafood available from @caliaemporium. . . So so good! #eatinginmelbourne #caliaemporium  Reminiscing our @churburgerfoodtruck meal from the weekend before going down memory lane watching Beauty and The Beast! . . Had such a great time relaxing at the Eat Street section of the new Hoyts Lux Chadstone before our movie. I had the Grilled Lamb burger with mint sauce, feta, red onion and @zeboy enjoyed the Classic Grilled Beef and Cheese! . . Obviously we also grabbed Ben and Jerry's ice cream before we went into the cinema! . . #churburgerchadstone #HoytsAustralia #invite
 Good morning, World! The 51-100 list is out for this year's World's 100 Best Restaurants. Some great surprises in there and a wonderful selection of new entries from across the globe! Even more reason to travel now! . . Can't wait to catch the World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards next week, right here in beautiful Melbourne and hang with the other Tastemakers coming to Australia!! Well done to all   Check the link out on the @theworlds50best profile! . #Worlds50Best #Tastemaker #50BestTastemaker #oioioi  Who else gets a giant scoop (or 2) of ice creams before watching a show at the cinema? . . We're so happy that the @hoytsaustralia in Chadstone has opened again after a 2+ year long hiatus. I missed having a cinema just down the road and grabbing a @benandjerrysoz before a show! . . What's your favourite flavour? Mine always used to be Chocolate Therapy or Chocolate Fudge Brownie but sometimes, a good Mango Mango would hit the mark as well 🤗🤗🤗  Loving perfect slow delicious Sundays! We had the opportunity to preview the upcoming Italian Yum Cha at @grandrichmond for @melbfoodandwine festival! It was all so delicious! . . My top picks would have to be the Caprese salad with fior di burrata (pictured) and the Suckling Pig croquettes with lentils and Dijon! First 2 weekends sold out, but it's on for 5 weekends! Visit @grandrichmond's website to find out more! . . #melbournefoodandwine #grandrichmond #mfwf #italiansdoitbetter #italianyumcha

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 Les Quatre Saisons (The Four Seasons) Summer - Crayfish, Zucchini Flower, Spiced Tomato Puree, Salmon Roe. Autumn - Venison in Leek Ash, Pumpkin, Chanterelles, Crispy Enoki. Winter - Charcoal Grilled Eye Fillet, Black Miso, Chestnuts, Truffles. Spring - Heirloom Carrots, Purple Potatoes, Breakfast Radish, Black Olive Soil, Olive Oil Powder. This dish is dedicated to Melbourne's erratic weather. Ask us Melburnians and we will tell you Melbourne is famous for having 4 seasons in a day. Chilly mornings to peak heat at noon and thunderstorms in the evening are not unusual. Tip for visitors - keep checking the weekly forecast but don't be surprise at sudden changes  p.s.: Exactly 1 week till The World's 50 Best Restaurants Awards 2017 in Melbourne. Super excited!!! @theworlds50best #homecooking #zeboycooks #melbourne #4seasonsin1day #50BestTasteMaker  3 of 4: Winter - Charcoal grilled Eye Fillet Tail, Black Miso, Truffle Oil Powder, Crystalised Fennel Fronds, Roasted Chesnuts, Winter Truffles. Powder white snow, burnt log of wood, the smell of roasted chestnuts .. they give the sensation of winter to me. #homecooking #zeboycooks #melbourne #4seasonsin1day  1 of 4: Summer - Crayfish, Zucchini Flower, Spiced Tomato Puree, Salmon Roe. Starting this dish with summer and some bright flavours to represent it. Crayfish somehow reminds me of summer here in Oz and the roe gives an impression of the bright sun. #homecooking #zeboycooks #melbourne #4seasonsin1day
 4 of 4: Spring - Heirloom Carrots, Purple Potatoes, Snowpeas, Breakfast Radish, Black Olive Soil. Bright vegetables to invoke that spring feeling with sweet flavours balanced by the saltiness from the black olive. I ended with spring instead of winter as it signifies the beginning of new life. This gives the diner the impression that their journey has just begun. #homecooking #zeboycooks #melbourne #4seasonsin1day  2 of 4: Autumn - Venison rolled in Leek Ash, Pumpkin Puree, Chanterelles, Crispy Enoki, Venison Jus. This reminds me of an autumn forest in the midst of transformation. The colours orange, branches on the ground, and earthy flavours. #homecooking #zeboycooks #4seasonsin1day #melbourne  Revealing a new dish starting from tomorrow for the next four days paying homage to Melbourne & also to celebrate our blog's 10th year anniversary. #homecooking #zeboycooks #melbournefood

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