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One Origin Specialty Coffee @ Malvern, VIC

One Origin Specialty Coffee is a quirky cafe with amazing coffee and a good breakfast spread on offer. It’s also away from the mad hipster crowded areas. Why not come on down to the South East suburbs this week and pay a visit. You may even be lucky enough to try the coveted Mille & B’s crepe cakes on offer.

The Press Club Projects – Harper and Blohm Cheese Dinner

Press Club Projects is The Press Club’s creative space and test kitchen, where the Press Club team develop new dishes and play around with high tech scientific equipment. We recently attended a secret cheese aficionado event hosted by Press Club Projects and Harper and Blohm. Buckle up, as this is going to be cheesy.

KYOTO: Hyatt Regency Kyoto and a Japanese Breakfast at Touzan

If you need to spoil yourself with a little luxury on your next trip away to Japan, definitely pay a visit to the Hyatt Regency in Kyoto. All guests are treated with the same reverance and respect that is the epitome of Japanese hospitality, or omotenashi. You won’t ever want to leave.

Prahran Market’s Taste the Truffle Trail

Winter can only mean one thing. Truffles! If our recap of Prahran Market’s Truffle Trail event doesn’t make you want to get some truffles right now, we don’t even know how to help you. Trust us. Get the addiction now :)

TOKYO: Tsukiji Market & Daiwa Sushi

Here’s our second Japan post. This time we take you with us on a trip to the world famous Tsukiji Market and recount our meal at Sushi Daiwa, before it all relocates to a new venue in 2016.

Playground: Zeboy’s Test Club Degustation

It’s definitely been a long hiatus since our last Playground post. So this time, we thought we would post up something completely different. This time, we review ourselves, our cooking and our service. Intrigued? Welcome to the Mad Genius Degustation!

Whatever by Mahjong @ St Kilda, VIC

It’s been 8 years since Max Tsang opened up Mahjong in St. Kilda. Earlier this year, having rebranded and refocussed the restaurant’s vision, Whatever by Mahjong is serving up traditional Chinese dishes with modern twists.

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@msihua Instagram

 5 Amazing Chef's + 13 courses + A lot of alcohol = Greek food coma. This is a good thing ☺ "Magnamopolous" in preparation. Greek Yogurt Ice-cream, caramelia, mastic, fruit by @gcalombaris @hellenicrep #hellenicrepublic #hellenicallstars  Morning lovely, Melbourne! Today I read a post on FB which may or may not be true but it would be lovely if we could start something similar here in Melbourne. It's called the 'pending coffee' campaign where people go in and pay for extra meals and/or food when they pay their meals. What happens is when the poor and (and maybe the homeless) are able to 'cash-in' on these meals/drinks when they visit the shops to ask for any outstanding 'pending' meals. I think we can do this, Melbourne. Am I too naive? Who wants to help me make this happen? #dogoodthursday #pendingcoffee #pendingmeal #melbourne EDIT: Loving social media! Thanks guys! It's been pointed out to me that a group called Suspended Coffee Melbourne is already on to this, so I'll be touching base with them to see what else they do. If you're interested as well, send me an email.  Good morning good morning good morning!! We're not gonna let this horrid headache that's been bugging us since yesterday stop us, are we? Here's my new found addiction. Bagels for breakfast (well, wagyu burger for @zeboy). My bagel came smothered with cream cheese, spinach, keiserfleich, fried Egg and house made beetroot relish! #WednesdayBreakfastClub #bagels
 Thank you @gcalombaris, @dtsirekas, @travismcauley, @arronlynch and @alex_xinis for cooking us our dinner tonight @hellenicrep #hellenicrepublic #hellenicallstars  Midweek winter meals made easy this week with @anjum_anand's #SpiceTailor sauces! I made a big batch of Butter Chicken on Sunday and it's been so convenient to pack and take to work and and so to prep for dinner! Served with crispy garlic naan, life complete ❤ #anjumanand #butterchicken #wintermeals  I bought these little beauties for @zeboy last week as he has been working so hard lately (and yes, he did share these with me ). Great desserts as usual from @pierrickboyer and his LPG team! I still remember when I first discovered his creations years ago. When I worked around the corner and my work mate and I would treat ourselves to a slice of his cake and go, "OMG! There is gold foil on this!". That was nearly 8 years ago! #lepetitgateau #lpg Edit: just to be clear, these are new cakes pictured! I was reminiscing another cake which also had gold foil :)

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 My favourite dish of the night is @gcalombaris 's Smoked Bone Marrow, Beetroot, Feta, Horseradish. A very inspiring dish. And yes, a lot of work must have gone into cleaning those bones. #hellenicrepublic #invite @hellenicrep  Lemon & Thyme Tart by @msihua . Smells amayyyzing...  #lemontart  Found a great way of reusing our empty Mariage Frères tea canisters! #homeideas #mariagefreres
 An amazing Greek inspired dinner tonight at Hellenic Republic Kew with George Calombaris, David Tsirekas, Travis McAuley, Arron Lynch & Alex Xinis @gcalombaris @dtsirekas @travismcauley @arronlynch @alex_xinis @hellenicrep #hellenicrepublic #allstars #invite  Eating Out: Roasted banana with bacon lardons, smoked scamorza, arepa, tomato marmalade, Brazil nut shavings, chili & coriander salsa at MJR TOM. #mjrtom #breakfast  Thinking of some spaghetti with sous vide egg and grated parmesan and shaved winter truffles. This should take away the winter blues. #homecooking

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