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THAILAND: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Soi Polo Fried Chicken!

What to do and what to eat when you are a frequent visitor to Bangkok, Thailand? Should you succumb to a tourist trap and if you so choose, which one should you go for? Ready for some wholesome street food which does not involve a deep fried insect? Here’s a quickie guide for you.

Maiale al Latte (Pork Cooked in Milk) Recipe

One secret to a good relationship is to pretend that you dislike an action of your partner especially if they like doing it. It is successful because the partner in question knows that the other is playing hard-to-please and does it just so they can get away with their ‘trickery’. This is how I always get my serve of Maiale al Latte and why The Boy always serves this dish :)

Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Brownies Recipe

Time for a home baking recipe! Weather got you down? Need a quick pick-me-up, no fuss, easy to follow recipe that will make all your friends and family love you? You’ve hit jackpot :) Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Brownie to the rescue!

[Advertorial] Date night with IKEA Winter Warmers

What’s the one place that fills me with joy, inspiration and creativity? Uhuh! It’s IKEA! And this winter, IKEA is helping you sort out your winter entertainment with their Wintertainer App. Find out how you can win a $500 gift card!

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 KFC!!! @zeboy finally took me to my happy place  Whilst waiting for our session at Nite Art tonight at Substation J, we munch on delicious fried chicken #winninginlife  Sometimes I get so caught up with enjoying life and being busy at work that I forget to Instagram #21stcenturyproblems #firstworldproblems This is a Crispy Pig Ear, Red Chilli, Lime, Maple and fried Duck Egg from #animal in #westhollywood   Cafe brunching for the first time in weeks. It's a welcomed distraction  #cafebrunching #windsor #nowthatswhatimtalkingabout #channel7hands
 Bulls Eye! Art of making an egg yolk raviolo with help from #pastamaster @ieatblog and @zeboy for making a potato purée filling. I've never had so much success with separating egg yolks before! 6 without any breaking! That's some kind of record for me! #homecooking #raviolo  Kitchen smells all kinds of happy today #sneakpeek @rspcavictoria  #tbt to the time when we got sunburnt in #santamonica

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 Definitely a cold cold morning in Melbourne at the moment. Need some chocolates to boost me out of this weather!  Egg Yolk Raviolo with Truffle Butter, Aged Parmesan & Fresh Black Winter Truffles. This was our first attempt on making a Raviolo last week with fresh pasta from the market. Although good, the pasta's texture wasn't as good as @ieatblog 's freshly made ones yesterday. #homecooking #raviolo #truffles  White Chestnut Mushrooms. #fridayphotography
 "Phewwww..." is all you can think of when you slice through the centre and yolk oozes out like golden lava. #eggyolk #raviolo #truffles  Fun day in the kitchen with @ieatblog @msihua @offthespork . Here's an Egg Yolk Raviolo with Truffle Butter & Grated Truffles. Pasta dough made by @ieatblog #homecooking #yolkporn  #throwbackthursdays Eating Out: Crispy Confit of Suckling Pig, Baby Beets & Ginger Vinaigrette at Jean-Georges, NYC. Great lunch deal for a high end restaurant in NY.


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