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Corner House @ Singapore

We have often said, you can judge how good a meal is, depending on how great the snacks are before the tasting menu commences. Corner House meets all expectations and more.

JAAN @ Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore

As we walked into the restaurant, we were just mesmerised by the fantastic panoramic view overlooking Marina Bay, and the rest of Singapore city. It happens to us each time we visit.

Gaggan @ Bangkok, Thailand

Find out what it is like dining at the Best Restaurant in Asia, and the current World’s number 5 restaurant in the World as voted by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Award 2018. Gaggan, where you should expect the unexpected!

Wynn Palace @ Cotai, Macau

Spoil yourself with the sophisticated elegance and luxury that Wynn Palace in Cotai, Macau has to offer. From the majestic daily fountain shows, to their very own Cable Car ride around the hotel, a stay at this hotel is like no other.

The Fat Duck @ Bray, London

For the best dining experience The Boy and I have experienced thus far, look no further than to The Fat Duck, in Bray, London. The original restaurant of London’s very own mad scientist in the kitchen, Heston Blumenthal, The Fat Duck not only offers a dining experience, but a lifetime experience.

Sustainable Septime @ Paris, France

Awarded by the World’s 50 Best Restaurant in 2017 with The Sustainable Restaurant Award, and currently ranked in at number 35 (out of the 50), Septime is certainly one to visit if you are travelling to Paris.

Breath-taking Arpège @ Paris, France

An eagerly awaited dining experience at the one and only Alain Passard’s Arpege in Paris. A delicious long lunch at this acclaimed restaurant. Not hard to see why they rank so highly in the world for good food!

Lunch Like Van Gogh @ No35, Sofitel, Melbourne

Delve into the mind (or the belly) of Van Gogh, by lunching like Van Gogh at No.35 Restaurant located at Sofitel, Melbourne. This one-of-a-kind experience allows guests to imagine themselves dining as Van Gogh did in the South of France, during the late 1800s. Available from now until the 9th of July 2017.

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 Dining Out: Apéritif Restaurant & Bar, Bali. Milk & Honey - Buttermilk, Yoghurt, White Chocolate & Honey. The honey comes from local bees and is fermented & infused with vanilla beans, cinnamon & hibiscus. The first milk component is the yoghurt panna cotta which is then followed by a milk crumble made from buttermilk sponge, dehydrated coconut & milk powder. The dessert is then topped with some frozen white chocolate, dehydrated yoghurt crisps, honey gel & buttermilk ice cream. Finally, it is finished tableside with a snow of spiced vanilla and honey. @aperitifbali @alexandermckinstry @thebalibible @bali_eats @balifood #aperitifbali #ubud #bali #desserts #milkandhoney  Dining Out: Apéritif Restaurant & Bar, Bali. This was definitely the "dish of the night" for me. Chef Nic Vanderbeeken's Venison Wellington with Foie Gras, Truffle, Shimeji & Rendang was simply astounding. The golden pastry was sliced tableside to reveal a moist and juicy-looking venison with foie gras tucked in the centre. And to finish off, a mushroom rendang reduction was drizzled over the Wellington. @aperitifbali @nic_vanderbeeken @thebalibible @bali_eats @balifood #aperitifbali #ubud #bali #wellington  Dining Out: Apéritif Restaurant & Bar, Bali. More delicious dishes on the menu with: 1) Yellow Rice Risotto with Beef Cheek, Kha Kai & Sambal Matah. This may look simple but the flavours were astounding. Wished I had a whole plate of this  2) Seared Foie Gras with Soursop, Pear Chutney and Parsnip. Love the use of local soursop to add some acidity & tartness to the dish. @aperitifbali @thebalibible @bali_eats @balifood #aperitifbali #ubud #Bali
 Dining Out: Apéritif Restaurant & Bar, Bali. With the savoury courses completed, it's time for the cheese & dessert courses. 1) Bubur Injin - Black Rice, Mango, Coconut, Sesame. Pastry Chef Alexander McKinstry brings his reinterpretation of the traditional bubur injin dessert (black rice pudding) to the table. 2) "Goats Cheese" with some non-traditional accompaniments. The goats cheese is mixed with burratta and covered in milk skin. The accompaniments included brown butter cake, brown butter ice cream, apples in rosella, cashew & raisin puree with cinnamon, and candied olives. @aperitifbali @alexandermckinstry @thebalibible @bali_eats @balifood #aperitifbali #ubud #bali #dessert #mrmilkskin  Dining Out: Apéritif Restaurant & Bar, Bali. Next up on the menu we have the red meats. 1) Iberico Pork with Beetroot, Horseradish, Apple & Rawon. The pork was nice & tender and went beautifully well with the beetroot. 2) Duck Magret with Fennel, Carrot, Orange Betutu & Consomme. The duck had a nice smoky finish to it. @aperitifbali @thebalibible @bali_eats @balifood #aperitifbali #ubud #bali  Dining Out: Apéritif Restaurant & Bar, Bali. It's seafood time at Apéritif! 1) Papua Crab in a Kohlrabi "Dumpling" topped with Kaluga Caviar & Ikura and served with Gulai. 2) Canadian Lobster with Caviar and Parsnip. 3) Butterfish with Japanese Beurre Blanc, Antiboise, Avocado. @aperitifbali @nic_vanderbeeken @thebalibible @bali_eats @balifood #aperitifbali #ubud #bali

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