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Black Cat Cottage & Trufferie @ Goldfields Region, VIC

Winter is the time for staying warm indoors with the fireplace (or heater) going whilst you tuck into delicious and hearty warm meals. You know how you can improve on that? Shave some truffles! #truffleallthethings is our new motto in life :P Luckily it comes around once a year! If you are interested to learn more about how truffle is farmed and/or how to buy some, read on!

3 Years On – The Atlantic @ Crown Casino, Melbourne

Fancy tasting the freshest catch of the day cooked in a respectful and served to you in a delicious way? Search no more, as you can do so with a restaurant right at Melbourne’s doorstep. The Atlantic at Crown Casino still performs after all these years.

Melbourne Chocolate Walking Tours with Chocoholic Tours

Looking for an adventure on the weekend that may take you down alleys you’ve never thought twice as you rushed by during your busy work hours as well as sample some of the finest chocolate products Melbourne has to offer? Then try a Chocolate Walking Tour hosted by Chocoholic Tours. Here’s how one such weekend went for us!

THAILAND: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Soi Polo Fried Chicken!

What to do and what to eat when you are a frequent visitor to Bangkok, Thailand? Should you succumb to a tourist trap and if you so choose, which one should you go for? Ready for some wholesome street food which does not involve a deep fried insect? Here’s a quickie guide for you.

Maiale al Latte (Pork Cooked in Milk) Recipe

One secret to a good relationship is to pretend that you dislike an action of your partner especially if they like doing it. It is successful because the partner in question knows that the other is playing hard-to-please and does it just so they can get away with their ‘trickery’. This is how I always get my serve of Maiale al Latte and why The Boy always serves this dish :)

Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Brownies Recipe

Time for a home baking recipe! Weather got you down? Need a quick pick-me-up, no fuss, easy to follow recipe that will make all your friends and family love you? You’ve hit jackpot :) Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Brownie to the rescue!

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 Maple Candied Bacon? #youknowyouwantit #manfood sure knows how to make 'em ☺️ #breakfastofchampions  I made delicious batches of Matcha and Dark Chocolate Cupakes for @rspcavictoria 's Cupcake Day! What do you think? #cupcakeday #rspca  Have discovered a new happy place for the weekend! Two Lost Boys in Windsor  They also serve up this delicious Ricotta Stuffed Mushroom with poached egg, spinach, spiced bread crumbs, prosciutto and pepper insta served on a soft brioche. And yes, that's a side of bacon you can see at the edge of this picture, gotta problem?
 May have died and gone to Man Heaven tonight thanks to cook book launch of Man Food!! If it's all about buttery wings and to-die-for pork ribs, in going to have the man food diet everyday! Congratulations again Billy!!! ☺️☺️ #manfood #billylaw  Happy Hump Day!! Have an oozy, gooey, relaxing Wednesday! xx ☺️  Can you name this micro herb? I love how the leaves look like little butterflies flapping in the wind! What do you see? #microherb #plant #green

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 Eating Out: Wild Mushrooms & Whipped Goats Cheese on Spelt & Polenta Toast from Dead Man Espresso.  Simple shot but I love how the picture draws you in. Also surprised how well the eggs stand out with a white background. #photography #duckeggs  Eating Out: This was yesterday's brunch of Potato & Kale Hash with grilled Kaiserfleisch & Fried Egg from Dead Man Espresso. So delicious!
 Homecooked: Truffle Risotto with a variety of mushrooms, grated aged parmesan and shaved black Perigord winter truffles from Manjimup, WA. #wintertruffles #truffleseason  Homecooked: Roasted 30 day Aged Angus Eye Fillet, Jus, Leek Ash, Poached Quince, Quandong. Love how well the sweet & sourness of the quandong and quince cuts through the saltiness of the aged beef & jus. Definitely one of my faves this year.  Homecooked: Celeriac, Potato & Leek Soup with Leek Ash & freshly shaved Winter Black Truffles. Made this last Sunday and I feel like making it again because of the cold & wet weather today. It's such a winter warmer soup and the truffles just lifts it up.


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