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Chapman Hill EVOO Dinner at Sarti @ Russell Place, Melbourne CBD

Ever wanted to know how olive oil tastings go about? Have you ever been asked to try olive oil by the shot glass? I recently attended Chapman Hill’s new season launch of their 2012 Extra Virgin Olive Oil and was amazed at the many different tasting notes to oil. Read on to find out more!

Eat Street 2012 for Redkite – Doing It For The Kids

The annual Eat Street event rolled around for its 13th year last Tuesday. With all proceeds going to Redkite, a NFP support service to youths and their families afflicted by cancer, the event was a major success in driving awareness and funding to the cause. Read on to find out more!

The Kitchen Files – Episode 04: Something Different…

We bring you sinister new tidings with this episode. Ms I-Hua attempts to eat peas! AND LIKES IT! Probably due to that, she now speaks in the third person. Partly annoying, partly fascinating. What could be the reason for this? I’m going with PEAS!

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 There are just days when you need to have Sweet and Sour pork. As a child, I always made the family order this and Lemon Chicken. It wasn't until I moved here that I found out that this was a 'western dish'. I'd like to beg to differ. These are definitely 'local' Cantonese styled dishes as they say and the only western thing about them is the use of tomatoes and lemon (respectively) probably influenced by the British era. Pacific House in Richmond does a damn fine version of what I'm used to having growing up in Malaysia. Are you a fan of sweet and sour pork or lemon chicken?  Noodles for your life! No, seriously, noodles signify lifespan in the Chinese culture. The longer the noodles, the longer your lifespan. Hence birthday noodles on your birthday  Anyone celebrating their birthday today? Happy Birthday and hope you have a very long and eventful life  This here is the fantastical ramen noodle from Hakata Gensuke in Black Tonkotsu #loveatfirstsight  When @zeboy slept in this morning, I served up my own simple breakfast ☺️ #eggporn #breadandbutter #toast
 Here's another shot of a Hakata Gensuke Ramen to tantalize @ieatblog and his cravings. Special Tonkotsu with added egg  #ramen #cravings  We may have discovered the best Ramen noodles in Melbourne today, albeit a tad later than everyone else. Spent around 45 minutes waiting for a table at Hakata Gensuke (brought back memories of lining up at Toto Ramen in NYC), I hear you ask, "Was it worth it?". Yes. Yes. And Yes. This is my Black Tonkotsu Ramen (Black Sesame and Roasted Garlic Pork Bone Soup). It was rich, sticky, thick. Good broth. But the winner, was the ramen noodles. Light, springy and smooth. Go line up when you can ☺️  A little homemade #yolkporn never hurt anybody  #thatswhatshesaid Here's some soft boiled eggs from my Aldi egg cooker (thanks @ieatblog) topped with garlic and shallot oil, and coriander. Served with buttered toast and Seven Seeds coffee, what's there not to love about #lazysundays

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 Slowly recovering after being sick these couple of days. Now I'm craving for chocolate cakes like this Epic Chocolate Cravings Cake from Luxbite. Such a suiting name for my craving right now. #chocolate #cakes #luxbite  Eating Out: Love this Tadka Sliders of Chicken with chutney and mayo on brioche bun at Tadka Boom. @tadkaboom #indianfusion #tadkaboom #invite #sliders  Feeling a little bit under the weather today. Must be Spring  Wish I could have some hearty stew of Bak Kut Teh (literally translated as Pork Bone Tea Broth) that we made on the weekend. Darker broth variation is my fave. Laden with herbs & spices such as Chinese angelica root, lovage root, Solomon's seal root, cassia bark, star anise, tang shen, goji, and the list goes on... always have it with an extra bowl of rice or two. And drown that bowl with the broth. #homecooked #homecooking
 #tbt 2012 "Orange" - Pumpkin, Carrot, Mandarin, Orange, Chestnut by Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre of L'Air Du Temps (Belgium). This dessert consists of pumpkin jelly, mandarin sponge, cheese mousse, carrot meringue, chestnut and orange sorbet.  Very very tender pork shoulder. Just peels off without much resistance. This is making me hungry at this hour. Mmmmm.. #bakkutteh #homecooked #homecooking  Homecooked: King Island Lobster Tail skewered & grilled in Pandan Leaf with Truffle Butter Emulsion & Lobster Oil. #homecooked #homecooking


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