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Egg Yolk Raviolo with Truffle Butter Recipe

Fancy fine dining but not wanting to splurge on all that cashola outside? Think you can do better at home? Or you just fancy good food and feel like doing something different to impress? Whatever the reason, this Egg Yolk Raviolo recipe will rock your world!

Black Cat Cottage & Trufferie @ Goldfields Region, VIC

Winter is the time for staying warm indoors with the fireplace (or heater) going whilst you tuck into delicious and hearty warm meals. You know how you can improve on that? Shave some truffles! #truffleallthethings is our new motto in life :P Luckily it comes around once a year! If you are interested to learn more about how truffle is farmed and/or how to buy some, read on!

3 Years On – The Atlantic @ Crown Casino, Melbourne

Fancy tasting the freshest catch of the day cooked in a respectful and served to you in a delicious way? Search no more, as you can do so with a restaurant right at Melbourne’s doorstep. The Atlantic at Crown Casino still performs after all these years.

Melbourne Chocolate Walking Tours with Chocoholic Tours

Looking for an adventure on the weekend that may take you down alleys you’ve never thought twice as you rushed by during your busy work hours as well as sample some of the finest chocolate products Melbourne has to offer? Then try a Chocolate Walking Tour hosted by Chocoholic Tours. Here’s how one such weekend went for us!

THAILAND: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Soi Polo Fried Chicken!

What to do and what to eat when you are a frequent visitor to Bangkok, Thailand? Should you succumb to a tourist trap and if you so choose, which one should you go for? Ready for some wholesome street food which does not involve a deep fried insect? Here’s a quickie guide for you.

Maiale al Latte (Pork Cooked in Milk) Recipe

One secret to a good relationship is to pretend that you dislike an action of your partner especially if they like doing it. It is successful because the partner in question knows that the other is playing hard-to-please and does it just so they can get away with their ‘trickery’. This is how I always get my serve of Maiale al Latte and why The Boy always serves this dish :)

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@msihua Instagram

 Morning everyone! Less than a week and it's Christmas! Hot topic this morning is obviously the number of lost followers due to the deletion of spam-bots. Life is too short to be focussing all your energy on that. Instead, eat a chocolate pop. A beautiful Christmas Chocolate pop with a hazelnut filling to be exact ☺️ Only at @burchpurchese #christmas #chocolate #balls  So bad yet so good! Impromptu date night with @zeboy at TGI Fridays. This is the Jack Daniel's platter of Cajun Shrimp, Sesame Chicken and Baby Back Ribs! Oh and that side at the top right? Mac n Cheese Bites ☺️ #tgif #datenight #jackdaniels  A typical home cooked meal by @zeboy involves a few dishes. Am I lucky or am I spoilt? #zeboycooks #latergram #homecooking
 Christmas late night shopping tonight @burchpurchese was fun tonight! Serenaded by the beautiful trio of Pacific Belles and visiting the crazy chocolate lab was fun! Take for example, these hand painted chocolate Christmas baubles! How beautiful and cool do they look? Perfect gifts! #gifts #giftidea #xmas #burchandpurchese  Some styling work with @zeboy and some Macarons from La Belle Miette  Conversation goes like this... Him: How are we styling these? Me: hmmm (starts picking random stuff off the Christmas Tree) me: Ta-Dah!  Christmas is in the air! New Blog Post Up! #LivingGrand @grandhyattmelbourne @GrandHyatt (link to blog on profile page ☺️)

@zeboy Instagram

 Another place to grab last minute Christmas gifts of all things sweet & creative. Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio in Sth Yarra @burchpurchese . I may or may not have bought some freeze dried fruit powders yesterday  hehe..  I totally forgot about this tart which @msihua made not too long ago using @kenkotea 's matcha. I was scrolling through my pictures and stumbled across them. Care for a slice of this Matcha Tart with Oreo & Paillete Feuilletine base? Green Tea's good for you right? So there's no need to feel guilty   Caramel a la Fleur de Sel macaron from La Belle Miette. It's common but Salted Caramel has got to be my favourite macaron flavour. What's yours? p.s. Thank you @msihua for hand-modeling this. #saltedcaramel #macarons #caramelicious
 Last weekend to grab some goodies from @lunecroissant before they shut for the holidays. This was the crazy delicious MP3 (Matt Perger Pulled Pork) croissant from last week. #idie #lune #croissant  Been meaning to post pictures of this awesome tart made by the talented @msihua . It's a Matcha Tart with Oreo & Paillete Feuilletine base  #matcha #oreo #tart  I need more of @ironchefshellie 's Thermomix Hainanese Chicken Rice and her aunt's homemade chilli sauce. May I please have some more, Shellie?  #thermomix #chickenrice


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