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Ms Collins @ Collins St, Melbourne CBD

What do you do when you get invited to an event that states “a soiree of sorts”, showcasing the identity cuisines of Melbourne’s Top Chefs? You put on your best gear and head out to it of course! You can too, as Ms Collins is waiting for you (and they say, never keep a lady waiting!).

Social Kitchen @ Queen Victoria Market + Giveaway!

Tis’ the season to be jolly, tra la la la la, la la la la! Welcome to December and welcome to summer! To celebrate the coming of the festive (and hot) season, we are having a Giveaway! Read on more to find out what you can win!

No-Bake Blueberry Chocolate Tart with Oreo & Sea Salt Chips Base

Sometimes, I can be a little bit of a devil in the kitchen. It isn’t all about the 1950’s housewife here when I put on my apron. Sometimes, you need to live a little. What better way to live then to mash up junk food with a little creative spice? Check out this sweet and salty Blueberry Chocolate Tart :) You won’t even see the naughtiness coming.

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@msihua Instagram

 Today we visited the Atsuta Jingu Shrine and it seem as if it was an auspicious day for parents to bring their newborns in for a blessing. We were even lucky enough to catch some in their beautiful kimonos #atsutashrine #atsuta #kimono #hazmazgazdoesjapan  Obligatory ice-cream shot. Matcha and vanilla at the Nagoya Castle #hazmazgazdoesjapan #softserve #matcha  Today we had the fortune to dine at one of Japan's top restaurants and the world's top 14th (according to San Pel). Whilst @ironchefshellie and @zeboy enjoyed their Kobe beef as part of the degustation menu, the staff and kitchen forgot that i couldn't and thus rewarded me with this amazing Hokkaido Abalone dish which was off the menu as it was still in trial stages. My taste buds and palate was blown. It was so good and delicious! Best dish of the day! #hokkaidoabalone #abalone #hazmazgazdoesjapan
 Today, we were introduced to Nagoya's most famed cuisine. The Hitsumabushi, an unagi (freshwater eel) dish eaten three ways. It was the best Unagi we've ever had! The way to eat it, is to split the portions into 4 serves onto the rice bowl. The first portion is eaten simply on its on. The second portion, with the condiments (dried seaweed slivers, finely sliced spring onions and mint leaves and wasabi) mixed thoroughly. The third portion is eaten by pouring hot green tea on the rice. The last portion is reserved for your favourite step! It was delicious, fun and interactive. At about ¥3100, it certainly isn't cheap, but it's certainly worth it! Fun fact: Besides being the home of Toyotas', Nagoya is the largest Unagi producer in Japan! #hitsumabushi #unagi #hazmazgazdoesjapan  Lest we forget. One century on and we still keep in our hearts the lives and memories of those lost to us. Anzac day. #lestweforget #anzacday #poppies #hazmazgazdoesjapan  Okay! Hands down that this was the best Sushi experience I've ever had. Super fresh and just so amazing in taste and texture. Definitely worth waking up for and committing the time in line. It took us oabout an hour and a 30 minute experience of sushi heaven. You start with the set (¥3500) and work your way up with more sushi if you require. Uni was amazing #breakfast #uni #seaurchin #whatdidyouhaveforbreakfast #hazmazgazdoesjapan

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 Had the best time watching Yasuda prepare sushi with such speed and skill. I'm definitely coming back here for more great sushi and conversation with this man. #sushibaryasuda #yasuda  Candied Leaf at Narisawa. Ah yes, it's edible   Dinner was yakitori at Omoide Yokocho (Shinjuku) and despite it being labelled a lil' touristy, we had really great food and fun selecting random skewers which included offal such as liver, tongue, heart. But the pork belly was the overall winner for me.. melty fat, tender meat and so smoky. #omoideyokocho #pissalley #yakitorialley
 Even the butter at Narisawa was amazing! Moss Butter - butter covered with chlorophyll powder & dehydrated black olive soil. #narisawa  Akagai (red clam/blood clam/ark shell) at Daiwa Sushi. An hour's wait to get in but was worth it IMHO. Everything was fresh and well-seasoned. I can do this for breakfast everyday.  Having some desserts with this view of Mt. Fuji at the Fuji Shibazakura festival. #fujishibazakura

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