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Tucked away in a very lovely valley (Yarra Valley to be exact), comes a small winery which is about 10-15 minutes away from Yering.

It looks more like a barn house on the outside (which is most likely true)!

Lovely cafe style interior.

They sell cute little goodies to go with their wine selection.

We tasted the range that they had.. and bought a bottle of their late Autumn Riesling… which was fabulous…

It went really well with the Boy’s dinner.. which was…

Pan Fried Blue Grenadier Fish, served with Scallop Patatoes (mine) and Dessert was Poached Pear in Riesling…

Absolutely delicious… WE are all out to impress the guests =)

There aren’t any pictures about the scallop patatoes, because I’d already blogged about it previously.

The Blue Grenadier marinated with sea salt, cracked pepper, corn flour, and paprika

The veggies… carrots and snow peas

Button Mushrooms (Which I made Butter Honey Button Mushrooms)

Whilst he was cooking, the Boy also begun preparing the dessert and started to poached the pear

The gravy was Dijon mustard, mayonaisse, milk and salt & pepper to taste.

(I didn’t get a picture here, as I was busy disturbing my BFF)… hohoho

the Boy plating up…

Close up of the fish.. it was really beautiful and the sauce was rich and creamy, with a slight tang…

Butter Honey Mushrooms

Scallop Patatoes

Poached Pear served upon a pineapple ring garnished with Cinnamon and nutmeg

All went beautifully with the Riesling we bought =)