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Next stop on the menu (after Lavendula) was to go to Chowder House for some good chowder…

I came here based solely on Ms Tinymouse’s suggestion… and it was worth it… HOWEVER, I did have a little tiny bitty gripe with them…

You see, when Ms Tinymouse tried the food at Chowder House slightly over a year ago, the price for their Chowder was less than $13 (She can’t remember exactly)… but it seems, that in recent times… after a certain food critic (Matt Preston) reviewed this place, the price has increased to $16.50 for the large bowl. (You can see the article at the bottom right of the picture above, and read the Article here.)

Because we were so full with Lavender Scones, we decided to only order 2 chowders…

However we were politely told, that if that were the case, we would be charged for using CUTLERY!!!…

The only other option was to go for “half-serves”, which apparently would have worked out to be the same as the cutlery charged…. ($16.50 for a proper bowl of chowder, and $12.50 for the half serves)

Despite that slight unpleasant-ness.. the waitress who served us was fantastic.. she didn’t come across as rude or anything like that at all… I just didn’t like the policy introduced =(

However, all things aside… The chowder was fantastic.. and surprisingly full of goodies…

Big Bro and the Boy had Smoked Cod Fish Chowder, which was extremely rich and intense… delicious!

Big Sis and I had the Clam Chowder, a much lighter version compared to the one the two Boys had, but delicious nevertheless

Big Bro fell in love with the Ciabatta bread given and attacked all of mine and Big Sis’s (I was much too full from scones)!

Overall Food Rating: 8.5/10
Restaurant ambiance: 7/10 (Very quaint and homey)
Value for money: 8/10 (Grudgingly, only because the bowls were full of clams and seafood, and not stinged upon)

97 Main Rd
Hepburn Springs
VIC 3461

Tel: 03 5348 2221

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