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I felt very lucky last night, as I was invited to a 3 course meal courtesy of Les Petit Truffe in Carnegie.

Having had a wonderfully long and arduos day (of shopping and cleaning!), it was a definite welcome change…

Beautiful pink sea salt.. you don’t get the pink varieties in many places these days (except maybe in Maze and Fifteen!

The chef decided to go easy on the first entree of the night…

Duck Fat French Fries with a sprinkling of pink sea salt. Freshly made French Fries always taste so deliciously good. Somehow the duck fat enhanced the sweetness of the potato… *yumMmm*

A shot of the 2 entree’s…

For the second entree, we had Roasted Stuffed Capsicum with Truffle Mash

When we took the cap off the capsicum (hohoho.. pun WHOLLY intended), we saw that it was stuffed with chopped swiss brown mushrooms, smoked chorizo, caramelised onion and thyme

Oooh.. and the little burn bits you see resting on the truffle mash, is actually Parmesan Crisps… very nice!

This was absolutely smashing… the capsicum was deliciously sweet and went really well with the stuffing… Not to mention.. the truffle mash potato was really light and fluffy with a hint of the aromatic truffle oil…

For the main, we had Chicken Roulade, lightly crumbed and stuffed with thyme and served with a gherkin relish

Chicken was tender and moist, and the delicate flavour of the thyme went really well with the gherkin… amazing…

All in all, a very satisfactory meal in warm and pleasant company.

Great food and great company… I hope I get another invite soon!

Food/ Cuisine: Contemporary
Overall Food Rating: 8/10 (There is no set menu here)
Restaurant ambiance: 8/10
Service/ Attitude: 8/10 (NEW RATING FEATURE!!!)
Value for money: -/10 (It was invite only.. hence FREE!)

Carnegie 3163
(Address will be revealed upon invitation)

Les Petit Truffe is open
seven days throughout the year
and tastings are only by invitations
Dinner 7pm—11pm