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There’s something sweet, and almost surreal.

It starts off as coarse and unrefined. But now it’s clear, or so some magic in the kitchen would have me believe, that there was something that, that wasn’t there before.

Sounds like I’ve stolen something off a Disney lyric doesn’t it? Well, I have 😛

It’s the only way I can justify having peas in our kitchen. Drawing similarities to Beauty and the Beast 🙂

In this instalment of The Kitchen Files, the Boy and I present to you… *drum roll* *clash of thunder* *spark of lightning*

Are you ready to get to the edge of your seats and press your cute tiny button noses onto the bright flickering screen of your monitor.

We bring you, Episode Four… the one with Something Different 🙂

Pea & Ham Soup with Pan Fried Scallops, Chorizo & Mushrooms

Cook onion and garlic with butter until soft and caramelised in a large saucepan. Add diced ham (because I have no patience waiting for a ham hock to get all tender and “falling off the bone”) and water into the saucepan to make your stock. Simmer for about 30 – 45 minutes. Add fresh or frozen peas in and cook until nice and tender. Puree your stock with a blender (we used a stick blender) until it reaches a smooth consistency.

Pan fry your chorizo. Slice the chorizo in an angle. Using the residue oil, pan fry your scallops.

Cook your mushrooms and finish it off with some honey.

Plate your dish by placing the scallops, chorizo and mushroom in the soup. Garnish with some dill and pea sprouts.

To be honest, as much as I hate peas, it only ranks as No.2 when compared to Brussel Sprouts (serve me sprouts and hope to die!). I’ll eat peas at the very least when it’s served with something delicious like chorizo or lamb. The matched proteins must be heavy enough to balance out the metallic taste of the peas.

God save the sprouts. Nothing can save Brussel Sprouts, not even bacon.

Grilled Fish in Mediterranean Spices, Mushrooms & Peach Puree

Marinate fish in Mediterranean spices and pan fry it. Cook mushrooms and finish it off with some honey. Skin and core a peach or two. Cut into quarters and cook in a small saucepan with 1 tablespoon of sugar and a few tablespoons of water until nice and soft. Use a blender to puree it until smooth.

We cheated a little here. We used some of the spice mix that was given to us from Cousin A when he visited Maha Bar & Grill and it works like a magic mix. Everything tastes amazing with it. Topped with the mushroom and honey drizzle, it was spectacular 😛

The peach puree was still a little too sour for our taste and thought it didn’t go too well with the fish. The flavours didn’t really match.

Steak Frites

Simple steak with duck fat potatoes which the Boy made one night as I was gallivanting around town. Nothing too fancy. Potatoes were cooked in duck fat and dusted with salt, paprika and parsley flakes.

Nothing beats Duck Fat Potatoes! If you think these are just simple and plain ‘ol root vegetable, think again! These duck fat potatoes are bursting with flavour.

If you’ve missed the last few episodes, have no fear 🙂

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