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Happy Hallowe’en everybody!! Once again All Hallows’ Eve has snucked up on us and we’ve left the preparations for a story up to the very last minute.

To be honest, I didn’t think we’d be putting up a post this year. Our Halloween posts have always posed the biggest challenge for us in terms of creating a story, a storyboard and tying it back to food and creating the story with food.

This year, with The Boy’s perseverance (and nagging), I got around to some baking in the kitchen.

The story for this year’s Halloween didn’t eventuate until we had a sudden brainwave in the middle of getting ready for a friend’s 30th party (on the same day that we had decided to go ahead with the baking and dry-ice buying). Basically it had to happen on that day else we would not have been able to get this post up at all. I had one baking nightmare after another and at the end decided to stop before I had a meltdown and threw a pot at The Boy. I had to hope for the best.

So this year, we have decided to once again present it in the style of a comic. There is a lot of post production work and there were a few midnight oils burnt, but we got there in the end. Next year, I swear I’ll just make ghost cupcakes 😛


So here we go, we do so hope you enjoy the story line for this year.

Welcome to Spooky Magic, our 2013 Halloween Special 🙂














Once again The Wonky Boys triumphed over evil! Hurrah!

We hoped you got a good laugh out of this year’s story and hopefully this inspires you to have a great night of trick or treating!

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