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One of my favourite cartoons to watch as I was growing up was The Little Mermaid (if you haven’t guessed by now, yes, I am a massive Disney geek).

The scariest part of the cartoon was not its mix of slightly odd Jamaican tones, French and a multitude of British and American accents, the scariest part of the cartoon was the evil octopus witch, Ursula.

The way she would turn merpeople into polyps for the fun of it used to scare me quite a bit. She was one evil octopus!

However, in the real world, octopuses aren’t evil and they actually taste quite delicious.

Which of course, brings us to the next Playground Series post which The Boy cooked up one sunny weekend.

You may recall that we bought quite a lot of fresh produce from the Prahran market and plated up his Heirloom Salad in the last Playground post. You may have wondered what happened to the Kohlrabi in that post.

This is the tale of when the Kohlrabi met with the Octopus.


Elements on the Plate:

Red Wine braised Octopus topped with Tobiko on a disc of Kohlrabi

Beetroot pickled Black Radish

Beetroot Puree

Red Wine Reduction (sauce)

Broccolini Florets

Teardrop Tomato

Pickled Onion Gelee

Black Olive “Soil”

Olive Oil Powder

Nasturtium Leaves & Flower

Borage Flowers 





So tell me dear friends, what was your favourite Disney cartoon growing up? Also, have you cooked with octopus before?