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The WTC Wharf Progressive Dinner + Competition!!

Hoping for something new and exciting the next time you dine out in Melbourne? Can’t be bothered with lining up for 2 hours before securing a table? What is with the no-booking policy springing up everywhere? Fear no more! There is a chance to experience a progressive dinner at WTC’s new dining precinct! Read on to find out more as well as how you can win a $100 dining voucher!

Newmarket Hotel, St. Kilda & San Telmo, Melbourne CBD – Here Comes The Meat!

If you are tired of the latest Mexican bandwagon to hit Melbourne but still interested in other cuisines from the south of the America’s, why not try out Newmarket Hotel in St Kilda (Californian-inspired Hispanic grill) and San Telmo’s (Argentinian) in Melbourne city, you won’t be disappointed!

Counting House Restaurant @ Mornington Peninsula, VIC – The Peninsula’s Hidden Gem

If you’re looking to head out to the country for some needed Rest and Relax or even just to breath in the sea change/tree change, make sure the Mornington Peninsula is on your list. If you’re afraid that the food there won’t quite match your opinion of country fare cuisine, think again, as the Counting House Restaurant certainly has what it takes.