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Oh wow, today, this humble blog of ours turns a whopping 8 years old!

If you had told me 8 years ago, that my personal blog would grow to something that both The Boy and I would dedicate so much time, effort and love on, I would have laughed at you. I would have said, “Have you lost your marbles? Who would want to read about our adventures? Who would want to see what we do in the kitchen?”

These last 8 years have seen us both go through many life challenges, but it also has thrown us a few big happy surprises. In the last year alone, we’ve both been blessed to have travelled near and far. We’ve both been able to learn so much more about people through our adventures with food, travel and entertainment that we wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to, if not for this blog.

So I would like to thank all of you, and share another little adventure in our humble kitchen in honour of this 8th Blog Anniversary 🙂


It all began when I wanted to learn how to make bobbles, ala’ the great Iron Chef Shellie’s bobble cakes! So I asked Shellie to come over for the day for a quick crash course. Being really bad planners, we hadn’t really put much thought about the type or flavour of cake we would be bobbling, nor did I have enough ingredients in the pantry for our bobbling and baking activities.

So whilst the two of us put our heads together, The Boy cooked us an amazing breakfast and lunch. Most of the time, we just heckled him. Such is our love 😛

From one layer cake with bobbles, we ended up with 3 cakes with an array of bobbles and figs. We also got sticky as we decided to throw in a whole jar of limited edition Burch and Purchese Salted Caramel with gold flecks. Because, why not?

Using a simple double chocolate cake recipe (it really is simple, as I made 3 batches of it for this adventure), we set up a production line of baking, letting the cakes cool, making batches of frosting and bobbling. Out of the three, we chose this cake to be featured as it showcased the party factor, and heck, it looked great in our photos. It also was an ultra delicious cake to eat!

Out of the 3 batches, it churned out 8 layers of chocolate cake for us to play with (4 small layers, 3 medium layers, and one chocolate cake). For the purpose of this cake, I would say one batch would be enough to make this small layer cake, using 4.5-inch (12cm) layer cake or spring form cake pans.












Out of the 3 cakes, which is your favourite? I gifted the single cake to my favourite crew at Patricia Coffee Brewers, and took in the layered chocolate cake (with green tea frosting and the salted caramel cream cheese frosting into work). The party cake? Shellie took it home as her reward for teaching me how to bobble 🙂 I reckon we make a great team and could join a Couples Bake-Off if there ever was one.