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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

My newfound passion for baking has finally reap its reward! #Bakeswap and recipe swaps! If you’re looking for an easy and fun baking recipe to do on your own (or with kids), this will make you the crowd favourite. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies! Bravo!

Ms I-Hua & The Boy’s Spanish Tales [Part 3]: Cuenca

With the cold winds of winter beckoning, we invite you to escape with us on our journey through Spain. As we travelled through Barcelona and Valencia on the way to Madrid, we find ourselves knee deep in history in a quaint little town known as Cuenca.

Foodbank Victoria: Put on your mittens, it is “Warm Up Winter” time!

It is time (sadly) once again, to highlight the food crisis that faces nearly 500,00 Victorians. This year food relief organisation, Foodbank Victoria has launched a “Warm Up Winter” campaign in June to help raise $100,000 to assist our fellow Victorians struggling to make ends meet. Find out how you can help spread the word or contribute.

Playground Series: Fruits of the Earth

Welcome to the month of winter! Cold wintry nights, hot water bottles and comfortable blankets are here to stay! Here’s an easy (and fun) dessert to share with you as you shiver up outside.

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 Dining Out: Dewakan, Malaysia. Banana Heart brushed with Taucheo (Fermented Soybean Paste) and topped with Kerdas (Archidendron Bubalinum) Chips, Fiddlehead Ferns, Pickled Rose & Smoked Daikon. @dewakanmy @theworlds50best #Dewakan #Asias50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Worlds50Best #Malaysia  Dining Out: Dewakan, Malaysia. Continuing with a selection of snacks: . - Mushroom Tartlet - Baby Corn - Mango Curry - Yoghurt & Roselle Dewakan puts the spotlight on Malaysian local produce from the farms, seas, jungles & mountains. @dewakanmy @theworlds50best #Dewakan #Asias50Best #Worlds50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Malaysia  Dining Out: Mugaritz, Spain. Egg Yolk & Chocolate. This dish had a savoury-sweet note to it. @mugaritz @theworlds50best #Mugaritz #Worlds50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Spain
 Dining Out: Dewakan, Malaysia. Prawns warmed in Star Fruit (Carambola) Juice with Herbs. One of our favourite dishes from the menu at Dewakan. @dewakanmy @theworlds50best #Dewakan #Asias50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Worlds50Best #Malaysia  Dining Out: Dewakan, Malaysia. Dewakan is set to reopen in December at their new location in central Kuala Lumpur and are already taking reservations. We managed to pop by for dinner at their previous location a few months ago to experience Chef Darren Teoh's cuisine. First snack served was a delightful Choy Sum Nori. Really reminded me of nori crackers. A great start to our meal  @dewakanmy @theworlds50best #Dewakan #Asias50Best #Worlds50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Malaysia  Dining Out: Mugaritz, Spain. Acacia Honeycomb, Garlic, Corn Crumble. @mugaritz @theworlds50best #Mugaritz #Worlds50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Spain

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