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Burch & Purchese: Sweet Studio @ South Yarra, VIC

If you’re up for something new and exciting, sparkly and colourful this season, why not try on some beautiful and glossy sugar coated dreams? No, I’m not talking about precious stones (although it would be nice to eat some pink diamonds – sugar ones of course), I am referring to Burch & Purchese’s Sweet Studio. A shop, lab and kitchen where dreams are made.

Luxbite Review (Macarons and other desserts) @ Toorak Road, South Yarra

“The Kaya Toast even had a tiny piece of smooth butter in the centre of the filling… It was the best.. the flavour was intense and it was much nicer than a real kaya toast… seriously… just think of 2 really rich and crunchy kaya toasts and compressed that down into a bite size morsel.. that was what the macaron was”