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Experience Escape Rooms with Escape Hunt Melbourne

If you think you have done all the activities in Melbourne, then think again. Have you tried the fun Melbourne Escape Hunt yet? If you haven’t, hurry up and join in the global craze! Bring out your inner detective and solve the crime in under 60 minutes!

One Origin Specialty Coffee @ Malvern, VIC

One Origin Specialty Coffee is a quirky cafe with amazing coffee and a good breakfast spread on offer. It’s also away from the mad hipster crowded areas. Why not come on down to the South East suburbs this week and pay a visit. You may even be lucky enough to try the coveted Mille & B’s crepe cakes on offer.

The Press Club Projects – Harper and Blohm Cheese Dinner

Press Club Projects is The Press Club’s creative space and test kitchen, where the Press Club team develop new dishes and play around with high tech scientific equipment. We recently attended a secret cheese aficionado event hosted by Press Club Projects and Harper and Blohm. Buckle up, as this is going to be cheesy.

KYOTO: Hyatt Regency Kyoto and a Japanese Breakfast at Touzan

If you need to spoil yourself with a little luxury on your next trip away to Japan, definitely pay a visit to the Hyatt Regency in Kyoto. All guests are treated with the same reverance and respect that is the epitome of Japanese hospitality, or omotenashi. You won’t ever want to leave.

Prahran Market’s Taste the Truffle Trail

Winter can only mean one thing. Truffles! If our recap of Prahran Market’s Truffle Trail event doesn’t make you want to get some truffles right now, we don’t even know how to help you. Trust us. Get the addiction now 🙂

TOKYO: Tsukiji Market & Daiwa Sushi

Here’s our second Japan post. This time we take you with us on a trip to the world famous Tsukiji Market and recount our meal at Sushi Daiwa, before it all relocates to a new venue in 2016.

Playground: Zeboy’s Test Club Degustation

It’s definitely been a long hiatus since our last Playground post. So this time, we thought we would post up something completely different. This time, we review ourselves, our cooking and our service. Intrigued? Welcome to the Mad Genius Degustation!

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@msihua Instagram

 What do we do when we have an extra day off? Have a Waffle Party of course! . . I must admit I'm more of a traditional waffle eating person with bacon and maple syrup. Today I tried bacon and waffles topped with Blueberries and Chantilly cream. I'm not so sure!! . . What are your usual waffle toppings? . . #everydayimwaffling #waffleparty  One more day to the long weekend! Then Madam Mummy and Big Sister arrived! Wuhoo! . . What's everyone up to for the long weekend here in Victoria? . . For everyone else, we've got a public holiday here in Melbourne for the eve of the Grand Final weekend for Australian football  Next month, we've got a public holiday for horse racing! #notcomplaining . . Also, "Go Doggies!!!!" #secretdoggiesfan  Voila! The inside of my Strawberry Cake in all its glory with layers of fresh strawberries and cream cheese frosting ❤ . . In the batter itself, I included pureed strawberries, giving the cake a much better flavouring. I was going to add natural food colouring to make it more vibrant but decided against it as I really wanted the natural look of the strawberries to stand out. . . #msihuabakes #strawberrycake #
 Omg it's Friyay and a Public Holiday!!! Happiness! . . #tgif  Happy Hump Day everyone! . . I promise, last photo of this cake!   Today, I remembered to bring this cake. So it is declared. It is CAKE DAY!!! ❤❤❤ . . Strawberry Cake with layers of cream cheese frosting and sliced strawberries. Overnight in the fridge has made the layers taste like strawberry jam! . . #msihuabakes

@zeboy Instagram

 Just one more day to the long weekend, so here's a delicious Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting by @msihua to celebrate. #grandfinalweekend  Top-down shot: Champagne Lobster, Koshihikari, Charred Sweet Peppers, Kewpie Mayo, Truffles. #homecooking #zeboycooks  Last day for @bistromorgan 's Pop-Up Shop in Windsor. I'll be in the kitchen all day so you guys will have to go get some on my behalf  Here's a cross section of the Golden Gaytime Doughnut with some oozy Salted Caramel. #bistromorgan #donuts
 Congrats Sud 777 on jumping 16 spots to No.11 on the Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2016 list. I had their amazing Beetroot & Yogurt dish last year in Mexico and I can still remember the sweet & sour tones that paired so well with the umami-ness of the sea kelp. Big congrats to all other restaurants on the 2016 list. #latam50best #50besttastemaker #worlds50best @theworlds50best  Homecooked: Champagne Lobster, Koshihikari, Charred Sweet Peppers, Kewpie, Truffles. #homecooking #zeboycooks  #throwbackthursdays with this BBQ Lamb Backstrap, Sweetcorn, Cape Gooseberries, Purslane & Parsley. #homecooking #zeboycooks

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