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Playground Series: Lobster & Yolk

First impressions: When a yolk grabs the centre of attention and the lobster features as a cameo on a dish. “How could that be possible?”, we hear you ask? It simply is.

Ms I-Hua & The Boy’s Spanish Tales [Part 4]: Toledo

It’s been over a year since we traversed the cobbled lane-ways of Toledo, but our memories are as poignant and vivid as ever. We continue our journey through Spain, recapping our visit to what was once the seat of power of Spain.

High Tea at Mossgreen Tearooms @ Armadale, VIC

If you are looking to dine at a place of class and distinction away from the normal crowds at more common place High Teas, then Mossgreen Tearooms is for you. Set in a beautiful venue adjacent to an art gallery, you may relax with delicious sweets and savouries adorned on beautiful Wedgwood china.

Chocolate & Passionfruit Yoghurt Cake Recipe

With a slight twist to my Tropical fruit yoghurt cake and with the magic (and power) of chocolate, this new twist to an existing recipe will keep your friends and family guessing and wanting for more!

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@msihua Instagram

 I made delicious batches of Matcha and Dark Chocolate Cupakes for @rspcavictoria 's Cupcake Day! What do you think? #cupcakeday #rspca  Have discovered a new happy place for the weekend! Two Lost Boys in Windsor  They also serve up this delicious Ricotta Stuffed Mushroom with poached egg, spinach, spiced bread crumbs, prosciutto and pepper insta served on a soft brioche. And yes, that's a side of bacon you can see at the edge of this picture, gotta problem?   Sun kissed breakfast! Happy Monday y'all! I'm still dreaming if my tasty Wild Mushroom & whipped goats cheese on spelt and Polenta toast from @DeadManEspresso yesterday  #latergram #breakfast #mondaymorning
 Happy Hump Day!! Have an oozy, gooey, relaxing Wednesday! xx ☺️  Can you name this micro herb? I love how the leaves look like little butterflies flapping in the wind! What do you see? #microherb #plant #green  It's all a bit dark but I made an Squid Ink Raviolo with an Egg Yolk this weekend with shaved Parmesan and Truffles topped with a burnt truffle butter sauce. It was #Amazeballs

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 Homecooked: Truffle Risotto with a variety of mushrooms, grated aged parmesan and shaved black Perigord winter truffles from Manjimup, WA. #wintertruffles #truffleseason  Homecooked: Roasted 30 day Aged Angus Eye Fillet, Jus, Leek Ash, Poached Quince, Quandong. Love how well the sweet & sourness of the quandong and quince cuts through the saltiness of the aged beef & jus. Definitely one of my faves this year.  Getting ready for bed and all I can think of is some freakin good bacon right now *tummy growl* #sleepybuthungry
 Simple shot but I love how the picture draws you in. Also surprised how well the eggs stand out with a white background. #photography #duckeggs  Eating Out: This was yesterday's brunch of Potato & Kale Hash with grilled Kaiserfleisch & Fried Egg from Dead Man Espresso. So delicious!  Homecooked: Celeriac, Potato & Leek Soup with Leek Ash & freshly shaved Winter Black Truffles. Made this last Sunday and I feel like making it again because of the cold & wet weather today. It's such a winter warmer soup and the truffles just lifts it up.


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