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Goldfields Victoria – A Glittery Weekend Away

Thinking or planning of a weekend getaway but not quite sure where to head to? How about the Goldfields Region of Victoria? Want to stay away or experience something else apart from the bigger country towns of Ballarat and Bendigo? We’ve got you covered!

Playground Series: Popcorn & Our Blog’s 7th Year Anniversary

With the crazy couple of weeks we have had, it is no wonder that we have missed our 7th Blog Anniversary! So to commemorate our seven long hard years of working behind the scenes, typing and editing away, we’ve decided to treat you to April’s Playground post (see what we did there?) as a 2-in-one celebration post :)

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 A slow perfect lazy Saturday date with @zeboy today @30mill_espresso   Halloween is coming up soon! What suggestions do you have for @zeboy and I this year on our annual Wonky Boys Halloween party? #throwback to the Spooky Hollow House Party in 2011 #tt #halloween Catch up on the Wonky Boys series via our blog   @zeboy spoilt us with this King Island Lobster Tail cooked wrapped in Pandan Leaf and topped with Truffle Butter Emulsion and Lobster Oil  #zeboycooks #homecooking #latergram
 More Halloween flashback! This was our very first foray into edible Halloween art  Ghost Meringues a.k.a. The Wonky Boys were first featured in this Chocolate Swamp with chocolate coated grape stems and seaweed, edible soil and lavender sorbet. Topped it all off with a magical mist (dry ice), we couldn't be prouder #flashbackfriday #ff #halloween After this, we got the taste for it and built the Gingerbread House as shown in my last photo. What are you cooking up for this Halloween?  Never has there been a sexier skewered lobster wrapped in pandanus before. Thou art perfection #lobstersarefoodnotfriends  Affectionately called Bloody Good Lentil Balls by @zeboy these ...erm lentil balls are #amazeballs @tadkaboom picture by @zeboy capturing my greedy hands in action

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 #tbt 2012 "Orange" - Pumpkin, Carrot, Mandarin, Orange, Chestnut by Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre of L'Air Du Temps (Belgium). This dessert consists of pumpkin jelly, mandarin sponge, cheese mousse, carrot meringue, chestnut and orange sorbet.  Very very tender pork shoulder. Just peels off without much resistance. This is making me hungry at this hour. Mmmmm.. #bakkutteh #homecooked #homecooking  Homecooked: King Island Lobster Tail skewered & grilled in Pandan Leaf with Truffle Butter Emulsion & Lobster Oil. #homecooked #homecooking
 Eating Out: Love this Tadka Sliders of Chicken with chutney and mayo on brioche bun at Tadka Boom. @tadkaboom #indianfusion #tadkaboom #invite #sliders  Feeling a little bit under the weather today. Must be Spring  Wish I could have some hearty stew of Bak Kut Teh (literally translated as Pork Bone Tea Broth) that we made on the weekend. Darker broth variation is my fave. Laden with herbs & spices such as Chinese angelica root, lovage root, Solomon's seal root, cassia bark, star anise, tang shen, goji, and the list goes on... always have it with an extra bowl of rice or two. And drown that bowl with the broth. #homecooked #homecooking  Feel like having some lobster tail right now. Especially when it's wrapped in pandan and grilled till plump and juicy. #homecooking #lobster


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