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Sous Vide Bicol Express Recipe

Time to start warming up those ovens and taking out those pots reserved for slow cooking. The colder weather is upon us! To herald the winter that is coming, we are sharing with you a dish from Philippines called, Bicol Express. Enjoy!

Playground Series: Romanesco, Leek, Soil

The beautiful Romanesco sits upon the plate, hark, hear the angels sing! That’s certainly how I feel every time I look at this gorgeous vegetable. It’s simply stunning, so much so that I wouldn’t mind if I were presented with a bouquet of these (very practical I would say!).

HOBART: Garagistes @ Murray St, Hobart, TAS

Nine months! Some people would have babies in that time. We are just that back-logged that we are now sharing with you a Flashback Friday post of our visit to Tasmania in June (last year) when we dined at Garagistes.

Blueberry Yoghurt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Blueberries. Cream Cheese. Yoghurt. Mix ‘em all together and you have yourselves a Blueberry Yoghurt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting! Yoghurt cakes are easy to bake and are so moist. You just can’t go wrong with them. Try this! It’s delicious.

Gelato Messina @ Fitzroy, VIC – Gelato All Around

Ice-Cream season is nearly over! Nay! It’s never over for ice-cream season! We bring you the summer saviour that is Gelato Messina (Melbourne). Go on, lick it! With flavours that sound like a concoction from a mad scientist let loosed in a kitchen, we dare you!

La Maison Maille Boutique Launch with Adrian Richardson @ Ritchies IGA, Mt Eliza

The first La Maison Maille boutique in the Southern Hemisphere opened its doors in 2014, offering the world’s most exclusive mustard to customers in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. If you like, when you visit the store, you can sample the world’s most exclusive mustard; Maille Chablis mustard with Black Truffle, containing wine sourced from Chablis, the renowned Burgundy wine region and black truffle from Périgord in France.

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 #throwbackthursday to that time @bagfashionista @zeboy and I lined up for 2 hours to get our hands on the famous Dominique Ansel Cronut. Would we do it again? Probably not. Was it good. Yes, it was. Was it worth the wait? Probably not #cronut #nyc  On Saturday I learnt how to make chocolate truffles @xocolatlcafe and temper them. I made the La Mascadine Truffle (hazelnut) and the other teams made the Coconut Truffle and a Raspberry & Hazelnut Truffle #chocolate #truffles  Can't get over this delectable piece of meat onboard @SpiritofTas Oven Roasted Chicken Breast #spiritoftas Also our post and video on our trip is now up on ❤️
 This was my favourite shot of my Burnt Butter Pear Mini Bundt Cakes which I made on the weekend. There's somehow an ethereal faerie like quality about a flower and fruit wreath around food #cantpromisethiswillbethelastbundtpicture #cakestyling #pears  I need to recreate this magnificent slice of heaven from Black Star or be good friends with someone who can (hint @ieatblog) Strawberry and watermelon cake #classic #alltimefavouritecakes  Fell in love with these pretty coffee mugs from Persillade when we dined there last weekend #coffeelove #hugmug

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 I'll leave you tonight with some #chocolateporn from Mister Jennings. Beautiful Chocolate, Cardamon & Crunch dessert with chocolate sauce served table side. I'm leaving this in square format so you get the full experience  #misterjennings  Homecooked: Squid Ink Tarako (Cod Roe) Pasta with Scallops. First time cooking with cod roe. I was browsing through the frozen section in Fuji Mart and found some. Thought I'll give it a go and it tastes really nice in creamy sauces. #homecooking  Eating Out: It's raining chocolate! Now that's the kind of weather we want. "Chocolate, Cardamon, Crunch" drizzled in a citrusy-chocolatey sauce at Mister Jennings.
 Eating Out: Fried Chicken Ribs with Tequila Mayo at Meatmaiden in the CBD. Juicy and succulent with a crispy coating. I'll be happy eating a whole bucket of it. @meat_maiden @tinkpr #meatmaiden #notjustmeats #invite #friedchicken  Freshly shucked Tasmanian oysters from Get Shucked Oyster Bar in Bruny Island. Their oyster farm is literally across the road in the Great Bay. @ieatblog , you better have this on your list. #discovertasmania #visittasmania #brunyisland #tasmania  Eating Out: Now that's a lot of sushi. To share, of course  #sushi #crowncuba #nobu #invite #crownmelbourne #latergram


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