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The Layover: Penang, Malaysia (Part 1) – Loh Bak @ Kheng Pin, Line Clear Nasi Kandar, Teochew Cendol

Ever wanted to do a stopover in Malaysia or Singapore but thought that 2-3 days were just not enough? Here we show you how to pack in the most in 2-3 days, starting with a layover visit to Malaysia’s Pearl of the Orient. We take you on a journey with us to the beautiful island of Penang.

Playground Series: Romanesco, Leek, Soil

The beautiful Romanesco sits upon the plate, hark, hear the angels sing! That’s certainly how I feel every time I look at this gorgeous vegetable. It’s simply stunning, so much so that I wouldn’t mind if I were presented with a bouquet of these (very practical I would say!).